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Saturday, September 08, 2007

In Brief - September 8th, 2007

Here is today's quick news digest:
  • Lee at EFFin Unsound criticizes the Tacoma News Tribune editorial board's lame and haughty blog post chiding Darcy Burner's scheduler for (gasp) requesting a meeting more than a year out from the 2008 election. A word of advice to the Trib: Any time is a good time to talk about the issues that face this country and this region.
  • The King County Council has decided to ask voters this November whether to put a charter amendment (Initiative 25) on the general election ballot in 2008. I-25, sponsored by Toby Nixon and strongly backed by the local right wing, would create a new elected director of elections for King County. Voters must approve the charter amendment's place on the 2008 ballot this year and then approve the amendment next year or I-25 won't take effect. We urge you to vote NO on I-25.
  • I-24, Dick Spady's bizarre proposal to set up a "citizen councilor network" of small discussion groups, was also adopted yesterday by the King County Council. Spady is so confident his idea will achieve something that he has offered to pay all the staff costs for the first two years.
  • At Washblog, Particle Man says that 34th District Democrats Chair Ivan Weiss (who is a frequent commenter and loyal reader of NPI) is interested in filling the House seat that Rep. Joe McDermott will likely vacate when he takes over for Senator Erik Poulsen, who resigned to become government relations director for the Washington Association of PUDs.
  • Finally, the last part of David Horsey's "Empire Rising" satirical history, which he began before the 2004 elections, is now up at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's website.
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