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Sunday, September 09, 2007

F.U. lefty bloggers forever!

I guess the real question in all this is which side is actually falling for bin Laden's mind games? From Think Progress:
The media continue to equate progressives with terrorists, echoing the rhetoric of the Bush administration. As ThinkProgress highlighted earlier today, New York Times columnist David Brooks yesterday said that in the newest tape, bin Laden sounds like he has been “reading lefty blogs.”

Right-wing bloggers have also joined in. At Hot Air, Allahpundit claimed bin Laden sounded like a “socialist icon,” invoking many of the same passages Brooks did. At Political Vindication, Uncle Seth the Noble went further, claiming bin Laden sounded like Daily Kos’s Markos Moulitsas. Frank J, a Pajamas Media blogger, concluded “Kos has to get this guy as a diarist before HuffPo does.”
It takes some real mental midgets to help bin Laden, but then when you see the words "David Brooks" and "Pajamas Media," calling them mental midgets is giving them credit they don't deserve.

I don't know why, exactly, certain media and political elites have decided that people like us don't count as citizens, and are worthy of vitriol and dismissal, but it's pretty clear we (still) don't count for anything. Dissent equals treason in their view. It doesn't matter if we are law-abiding American citizens or loyal party activists. We might as well buy that 1968 VW Micro-Bus, a lid and some sleeping bags, 'cause we'll always be the dirty hippies to some. Watch out for the brown acid blog, man, it's tainted.

We weren't wrong about the invasion and occupation of Iraq when it was fashionable to support it by inhaling Freedom Fries, so maybe it's just elite sour grapes.

It's pretty illustrative of how intellectually and morally bankrupt portions of the traditional media and the right wing have become that all they can do on the eve of the Bush Report is play the "traitor card" for the eleventy billionth time. The rules of this blog preclude using the only appropriate response, but if we print the words "Friedman Unit" or "F.U." one more time you get the idea.

Since we're not playing beanbag, maybe the only thing we ordinary citizens can do is make elites pay a heavy political price at the polls and let the chips fall where they may.

I'm generally in favor of teamwork, but it's not the dirty hippie terrorist lefty bloggers who are doing the damage right now. If some media and political elites keep telling us things are true that we know to be false, and then blame the resulting political rancor on us, then any "party splits" or "tensions" are on their heads, not ours.

Do some of these clowns who says nasty things about lefty bloggers even know how blogs work? As Digby once pointed out, you think things and then you write them down, just like other people do. It's called "writing." For some reason you can say the most outlandish and stupid things if it's printed on newsprint or right-wing blogs and nobody seems to much care. Sometimes, in fact, saying stupid and outlandish things seems to be a requirement for getting noticed in our overall and political culture. Lindsay's a lush and Michelle is evil, but dude, they are so hot, so there's money to be made. Works okay in Hollyweird, I suppose, maybe not so much in a certain company town on the Potomac.

Just because ordinary people are now on the internet tubes doesn't mean people weren't thinking things in the past. What's changed is that editors, politicians and media companies no longer have a virtual monopoly on speech. Their collective heft is still vastly greater than ours, but the wall has been breached.

And that is the real reason why some elites fear us and hate us. Joe Lieberman is only the most extreme example, as his pathetic ego couldn't handle criticism over the disaster in Iraq.

This isn't about Iraq or terrorism, in the end, it's about democracy. The little people are supposed to be satisfied with a bone here and there, maybe a pat on the head from their supposed betters. Never mind how badly they have botched things, they know best. A way of life in a little town on the Potomac is at stake, and when push comes to shove, they will fight to the bitter end for that way of life.

So I guess we better shove as hard as we can, if that's how it has to be. We don't have to be brutally vicious about it, but we can be insistent and work toward ensuring our future representation more accurately reflects the wishes of the citizenry. The alternative is an endless succession of F.U.'s.

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