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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Social engineering, Clark County style

From The Columbian:
The Clark County of 2044, as depicted in Boldt's map, shows the county's entire west side covered by one uninterrupted urban area.

In addition to Vancouver and other urban areas existing today, the color map included a splotch of red spreading across more than 55,000 acres from Proebstel through Dollars Corner to Woodland. The red blot, roughly 87 square miles, represents the area that would need to be added to existing urban areas to accommodate another four decades of steady growth.

The map anticipates the county's population would have more than doubled to 871,000.
And I'm sure there will be a population of 872,000 SUVs, all fueled by cheap, plentiful Middle Eastern oil.

It's not that growth won't happen, it's that it usually happens in fits and starts over longer time periods. That's been the case historically. My crystal ball needs a new battery, as I'm going with the hybrid crystal ball, but it's kind of hard to imagine another 15 or 20 year period of uninterrupted growth.

Recessions are to be expected - depressions, hopefully not, thanks to FDR.

But this does point out the need for a practical transit system. The social engineering road worshipers must be stopped, before they social engineer us out of a livable community. With light rail, Marc Boldt's vision could be realized sooner rather than later. I bet we could get a half million people into Battle Ground alone if we ran the line right through there.

What? Oh, right. The right wing doesn't like the evil choo-choo trains and want us to sit in traffic coffins for hours on end listening to their talk radio heroes. Then their heroes, who are sponsored by auto dealerships, can fulminate away against higher taxes caused by social engineering...or something like that.

You see how perfect it all is, Yossarian?

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