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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sensible gun and drug laws would benefit two countries

There's a sad international trade taking place on our southern border these days and it involves guns and drugs. Mexico supplies the drugs which pay for the guns. The United States supplies the guns. Both countries supply the victims.

The War on Drugs has become almost a real war in Mexico. Well over seven thousand people comprised mostly of police officers, drug gang members, and a few innocent bystanders, have died horrific deaths in that country since January 2008, and American guns are providing the killers the means to kill.

Why do Mexicans drug lords rely on the U.S. for guns? From New American Media:
Mexico has strong gun control laws. In a country of 110 million people there are fewer than 6,000 legally-registered guns…Making matters worse is the refusal of American officials to be on the same page.
Mexican drug lords prefer the military-style weapons that were banned in the U.S. until 2004, when Congress let the Federal Assault Weapons Ban expire. But rather than reinstating the ban and infuriating the National Rifle Association, congressmen are spouting inanities like:
"I don't think the solution to Mexico's problems is to limit Second Amendment gun rights in this country," said Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican.
No, it is far better for the federal government to spend millions of dollars trying ineffectively to control gun smuggling at the U.S. - Mexican border than to sensibly regulate the killing machines nationwide like Mexico does successfully.

The money to buy the guns comes from the high price Mexican drugs can demand inside the United States. Visiting Mexico yesterday, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton put it bluntly, “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade.”

Unfortunately, this demand also puts a large number of Americans in jail. Over half of the federal prison population is locked up on drug-related charges.

So, do I have this right? Our strict drug laws result in crowded prisons but nonetheless, Americans still consume more than half of the world’s illegal drugs. We have weak gun regulation and we are also the most armed country in the world. Mexico exploits both of these problems to its own detriment.

Considering these sad facts, I think it is past time to take another look at how we control two of our most deadly substances, drugs and guns. We are failing miserably at both and the U.S. and its southern neighbor are both paying a huge price.


Blogger sbadenhop said...


So the solution to the illegal use of firearms is to make the firearms illegal? Come on.

The people are already here illegally to sell illegal drugs. Your solution is to make something that is a constitutionally protected right of legal US citizens illegal?

You're probably the type of person that would get all ticked off when someone wants to make abortions illegal aren't you? Think about the irony of that. That's why rural America is bitter...liberals like you think it's just fine to kill a fetus, but you try to impose your crap logic on our lives.

March 27, 2009 7:09 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

Well said! States need to take on the responsibility to legalize and control all drugs to eliminate the black market and to spend the tax income from that on education and rehab.

The war on drugs makes as much sense as the war on terrorism.


March 27, 2009 8:19 AM  
Blogger Rick said...


So you are fine with that border war moving into your neighborhood?

Keeping drugs illegal is how you make them so profitable that it tempts people who are UNEMPLOYED (millions of those recently) to get involved. Those who choose to sell anything that is contraband is just as likely in your town as any other.

I see that you declined to take a stand on the illegality of drugs.

The war on drugs is a MISERABLE FAILURE. Tell me that you can't find any drugs in your part of the country anytime you would want.

The U.S. federal government spent over $19 billion dollars in 2003 on the War on Drugs, at a rate of about $600 per second. The budget has since been increased by over a billion dollars.

Source: Office of National Drug Control Policy

Go ahead, change the subject to abortion and stick your head in the sand. That's how you solve this problem.

March 27, 2009 8:42 AM  
OpenID Ed Menendez said...

If guns (bigger than 22 .cal) were legal in Mexico maybe more good guys would shoot back... Note that the big problem is the fact that they use fully-automated weapons and grenades in Mexico.. Things already illegal here in the U.S. Do you think that making regular guns illegal in the U.S. is going to prevent them from getting those guns anyway? Just like they get grenades now?

March 27, 2009 10:37 AM  
Blogger C&R COLLECTOR said...

I found this article through google. As a life long gun owner and resident of El Paso Tx, I see now that others in the United States have no clue to any of the true facts about our border. Mexico is much worse than is being shown on weak CNN reports and non-local opinions such as "Northwest" news and non-border states. I do however agree with Kathleen that something needs to change. Changing the gunshow loophole could be a good idea, and MIGHT work for the U.S. by adding some restriction but not infringing on our 2nd amendment right, however I can guarantee that Mexico IS NOT getting their assault weapons from here. Much of the gun fire is not from semi-automatic weapons (the ONLY guns you can buy in the U.S.) but rather from Full Automatic firarms which are made in Venezuela, China, and various surplus storages such as Russia and Yugoslavia. I can safetly say this because I have personally heard the gunfire from as close as the Border Highway and as far as Ascarate in the evenings. They must importing these weapons from somewhere else since I have never seen a Full auto for sale in any of the El Paso gun shows, since they cost beyond $10,000 not including a $200 tax stamp and Class 3 license to even see one. It is clear that the U.S. media and politicians are trying to put it into our heads "ALL OF MEXICO's FIREARMS" are from here to further push the AWB! Extending the automatic weapons ban here in the U.S. will take guns out of the hands of law biding citizens, and at the same time empower criminals (whom do not bide by the law) and increase the governments control over its citizens. We have forgotten that we have the second amendment in the first place to protect ourselves from the government and oppressive tyranny, yet we are letting it get reformed by a highly liberal (sometimes corrupt) system.

Drugs will always be our problem, and its not going to EVER go away no matter how much we try. I agree, its a waste of money as well. We have no-one to blame but ourselves when it comes to drugs, and don't blame the U.S. or the second amendment as the reason people are dying in Mexico either. We do not pull the trigger, they do..

March 27, 2009 11:35 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

You should also look to get better sources for your posts, Kathleen.

The BATFE reported to Congress just this week about the guns traveling from the US to Mexico. Sure, they're finding pistols from America there. Stolen pistols (AKA: not bought at gunshows) are in decent enough supply, but where do you think the cartels are getting their grenades and rocket launchers (those are illegal here in the US)?

The BATFE believes they are coming from the hard left "revolutionary" groups in Central America (full auto weapons are highly regulated to the point of obscurity in the US).

Where are the "machine guns" coming from? The BATFE believes they are coming from the 150,000 people who deserted from the Mexican Army over the last five years or so.

Please, before you advocate restricting one person's constitutionally protected right to their hobby, livelihood, sport, do try to get some better information.

And whatever you do, stop reading David Neiwert. The guy couldn't see truth if it was kicking him in the nuts.

Here are the links you should have used

March 27, 2009 8:35 AM  

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