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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

General Wesley Clark endorses Larry LaRocco for United State Senate

The Idaho Democrat picked up a key endorsement today in securing the support of Wesley Clark, a candidate for President in 2004. Said the General:
Larry is a seasoned, experienced leader who will bring the change we need to the U.S. Senate. He served with distinction, not only in our military but also in Congress, and he can win this race. It is wide open.

LaRocco is the kind of plain speaking, common sense western Democrat whom America needs. He believes in keeping America safe by fighting the real war on terror, not wasting lives or eviscerating our military, with a B us h blank check in Iraq.

LaRocco doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind, but his solid judgment and proven ability to bring people together will result in real progress in Congress. Larry's campaign of working in jobs all across Idaho has him listening to people in every corner of the state and walking the walk in their shoes.

Larry was a great Congressman and will make a great Senator for Idaho. I am proud to endorse him today for the U.S Senate.
You can learn more about Larry's candidacy at his website.


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