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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Republican Party supports Tim Eyman's jobs killing I-1033, rejection of R-71

This weekend, the Washington State Republican Party decided to take a take a stand... for a poorer and weaker society that squanders its common wealth and discriminates against non-heterosexual couples... by endorsing yes on Tim Eyman's jobs killing Initiative 1033 and no on Referendum 71.

Neither of these stances are very surprising; the Republican Party here is firmly in the grip of its right wing base, who believe that government can do no good and who are opposed to civil rights for all.

In the last few years, Democrats have chalked up a pretty incredible string of victories statewide. We have defeated an array of right wing ballot measures, elected Chris Gregoire, Patty Murray, and Maria Cantwell over Dino Rossi, George Nethercutt, and Mike McGavick, won control of the State Senate and increased majorities in both houses of the Legislature, turned out Republican Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland in favor of Peter Goldmark, and of course delivered our state's electoral votes to John Kerry and Barack Obama.

As important as those victories were, they are now in the past. New fights are ahead. We have two new right wing ballot measures to deal with this year. Winning Referendum 71 and beating back Initiative 1033 will require a huge effort by progressives. We have to patiently explain the severe consequences of rolling back advances in civil rights and trapping our state in a permanent recession.

It won't be easy.

Tim Eyman, Larry Stickney, and their followers are trying to appeal to the worst in people, playing on negative feelings of fear, bitterness, and insecurity... and the Republican Party has signed on to help them. We can't let them succeed.

Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of protecting our quality of life by doing all we can to convince voters to reject Initiative 1033 and approve Referendum 71.


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