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Friday, February 23, 2007

Oregon Metro supports another I-5 bridge alternative

As expected, Oregon's Metro is calling for the study of another alternative for the Columbia River Crossing project. From The Columbian:
Burkholder's proposal, which passed the council 7-0, calls for a third, low bridge with a lift span to carry cars, trucks, bicycles, high-capacity transit and pedestrians while keeping and upgrading the current Interstate 5 Bridge. His proposal also calls for moving the swing span from the north end to the center of the BNSF Railroad Bridge a mile downstream and aligning it with the wide, middle span used by many tugs to pass under the Interstate 5 Bridge. The current misalignment of the water-traffic passages is just one of many factors that make the bridge project so complicated.

Burkholder acknowledged that the Crossing task force has studied many options, including 23 possible ways of crossing the river and 14 separate transit options. But he said more ideas need to be in the draft statement.
The CRC task force is scheduled to vote next Tuesday, so it should all be very interesting.

As the article notes, essentially this means that Metro is instructing its task force member to ask for the additional alternative to be included in the DEIS. So it's hardly a done deal, but it should lead to some vigorous discussion.

Yeah democracy!

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