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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Attack Fox

Check out a new web site called Fox Attacks, dedicated to not only monitoring but doing something about Fox Noise Channel. Currently there is a video documenting the recent Fox falsehoods about Barak Obama and a nifty-looking database form that will allow viewers to enter information about local advertisers that support Fox.

Neat idea. Companies have gotten a free pass for too long in supporting liars. Initially they will be shocked and probably petulant, and the right will start blubbering about their freedom of speech. But remember, we have a right to point out lies and tell businesses we won't buy from them if they support liars like Fox Noise Channel. It's not abusing anyone's freedom of speech to point out lies.

A company would have a First Amendment right to place ads in neo-Nazi publications, but that doesn't mean anyone but a lunatic would do so.

The car dealers and insurance companies and appliance stores that tend to support not just Fox but the right wing talkers need to be shown that they are damaging their own business interests.

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