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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kyle Petty insults hippies

Always with the dirty hippies. From an AP article about NASCAR considering switching to ethanol:
Driver Kyle Petty says NASCAR's marketing horsepower might drive alternative fuels into the mainstream, helping consumers get over the image of hippies tinkering with their 1980s Mercedes to make them run on vegetable oil.

"I think once you start seeing alternative fuels show up in places like racing and places where you least expect them, then you don't think about that guy with the Volkswagen van that runs off of whatever," Petty said.
Yes, if people think that dirty hippies do it, they won't do it. Because only true Americans can show the way towards a cleaner energy future.

MORE-- And as the above AP article alludes, there's always the alternative fuel apparently favored by Michael Waltrip.

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