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Friday, June 20, 2008

Eyman schedules press conference for I-985 turn-in, no reporters show up

Well, this has to be a first. Via Chris Mulick at the Tri-City Herald:
Ever wonder what happens when someone stages a press conference and the press doesn’t show? Me, too. And until I leave the business I’ll never know.

But initiative promoter Tim Eyman found out today.


As he always does, Eyman made rounds of the press houses afterward, toting a chalkboard he apparently had planned to use as a visual (times are tight) to illustrate how many signatures have been collected so far.

"It used to be newsworthy that we were close to qualifying for the ballot," he said.

So what happened at the pressless press conference?

"We didn’t say anything," Eyman said. "We walked in, no press there."

So he unloaded his boxes of signatures and left.
It must have been terrifying for Tim not to have any microphones, cameras, or open notepads in front of him. Nobody came - what a shame!

Finally, the Olympia press corps aren't giving Tim Eyman the attention he doesn't deserve. Bravo from all of us here at NPI!


Blogger Ken Camp said...

If Tim Eyman has a press conference and nobody comes, does he make a sound?

June 21, 2008 9:21 AM  

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