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Friday, February 29, 2008

A huge round of applause for Nancy Pelosi

As expected, the Bush administration is refusing to refer the the House of Representatives' recent contempt citations against two of President Bush's top aides (Harriet Meiers, Josh Bolten) to a federal grand jury.

We know the administration thinks it is above the law. But House Democrats are fortunately not backing down:
As promised, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she has given the Judiciary Committee authority to file a lawsuit against Bolten and Miers in federal court.

"The House shall do so promptly," she said in a statement.

"The department will not bring the congressional contempt citations before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute Mr. Bolten or Ms. Miers," Mukasey wrote Pelosi.

Pelosi shot back that the aides can expect a lawsuit.

"The American people demand that we uphold the law," Pelosi said. "As public officials, we take an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect our system of checks and balances and our civil lawsuit seeks to do just that."
Bravo, Madam Speaker. This is just the kind of resolve the American people were looking for when they swept Democrats into the majority back in 2006. All of us at the Northwest Progressive Institute are proud of you today.

The Bush administration has never been interested in true cooperation. "Bipartisanship" to them means having Democrats cave or roll over so they can have their way. The only way to hold the administration accountable is through a show of force. Asking nicely doesn't work. Reminding Bush and his cronies about the Constitution doesn't work - they could care less about that old document.

If the administration insists on a showdown, their bluff must be called. Congress has to hold this corrupt, immoral, and lawless administration accountable. That is its job. The American people expect nothing less.


Blogger Rick said...

Well said, and about time the spine started to grow a bit.

February 29, 2008 7:37 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

Time to include another corrupt Attorney General in the impeachment drive. Nothing good comes from this administration, does it? The irony of it would be the impeachment of the head of the Justice department for obstruction of justice. The impeachment phase might just fly in the House, where it actually occurs, of course. Removal from office won't happen in the Republican-obstructed Senate. But the shame of impeachment to a judge should make him an easy target to demand his resignation.

February 29, 2008 9:48 PM  

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