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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

State Democrats file FEC complaint over Reichert's Bush fundraising event

Just how much money did the Reichert campaign take in during a presidential stop-over in Bellevue this August?

The state Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Monday after the local netroots drew attention to the discrepancies in Congressman Dave Reichert’s fundraising claims.

Should voters believe that the Reichert's campaign is simply math-challenged or that there is some deception going on? Either answer is disturbing.

On August 27th, President Bush conducted a joint fundraising event with Reichert, the proceeds of which were supposed to be split evenly between the Reichert campaign and the Washington State Republican Party.

The Reichert campaign initially claimed that the event had raised half a million dollars. Right after filing their third quarter FEC fundraising report in October, Reichert’s portion was reported to be $230,000. That number shrivled up to a reported $185,000, which didn't match the total in FEC filing - $135,000. Do their calculators need new batteries?

The FEC complaint also notes a failure to reimburse a donor for a $1,000 contribution over the $4,600 campaign contribution limit for individual donors.

More bad math.

Reichert's big ticket event with Bush in August turned out to be a big opportunity for Darcy Burner to raise money.

The netroots-fueled "Burn Bush" counter-fundraiser brought in around $123,000, only $12,000 less than what Reichert pulled in that same day.

If Reichert wants to strengthen his campaign's image, he should try to be honest with his accounting and stop hanging around with the most unpopular Republican in the country, who continues to wreak havoc on the health of our country.


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