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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

KOMO removes Eyman's "Another election stolen by King County?" comment from article

This morning, I blogged about an Associated Press article on simple majority's turnaround in the elections which quoted Tim Eyman as saying this:
He also said King County putting the measure over the top would awaken conservatives' bitter memories of 2004, when two statewide recounts reversed the outcome of the governor's race and gave the victory to Democrat Chris Gregoire over Republican Dino Rossi.

"Another election stolen by King County?" Eyman said. "You can't say that people aren't saying it and aren't thinking it."
A few hours ago, in the comment thread attached to that post, one of our readers alerted us that KOMO removed Eyman's comment from the article:
Interesting[ly] enough, I called KOMO's news line about this quote and how irresponsible it was that they even included it without mentioning that there is no proof for such a suspect comment. In 20 minutes they changed the article to take the quote out. Sometimes they do listen. Just a ridiculous quote with no validation or evidence to back it up.
Sure enough, Eyman's quote is gone. Way to go, Jonathan!

This is what this community is all about - writers and readers coming together to make a difference, whether that's fighting right wing misinformation or lobbying for legislation that strengthens our quality of life.

UPDATE: Naturally, KOMO's action has some right wing bloggers upset. A couple of people have tried (and failed) to leave nasty comments here complaining about censorship.

KOMO is not obliged to reproduce baseless accusations from Tim Eyman on its website, and furthermore, the Associated Press isn't obliged to go to Tim Eyman for a reaction at all! If the traditional media are indeed responsible and objective they should remove inappropriate content at their discretion, or not include it in the first place. That's just what KOMO did in this instance.


Blogger Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Doesn't matter. Eyman is posting that quote everywhere he can, such as at Sound Politics. Feeding them the red meat they love.

November 14, 2007 11:21 PM  
Blogger Steve Zemke said...

Good job! Eyman's loves to repeat over and over things that are not true. False and misleading statements need to be challenged. The Governor's race was not stolen - Christine Gregoire won by the rules - the Republican Party and Rossi took the issue to Court and lost - a Republican Judge dismissed the case with prejudice.
Saying the election was stolen was not backed up by any facts. If this is all that the Republicans and people like Eyman have to raise as issues then they are sorely out of touch with reality.
Repeateding falseholds over and over doesn't make them true.

November 18, 2007 8:44 PM  
Blogger Chad Lupkes said...

Stolen from the jaws of defeat?

Seems to me that King County voters stole this result from those who would destroy our schools? If that's stealing, fine. Better that then yet another example of how conservatives priorities are wrong for this state and wrong for this country.

November 20, 2007 1:08 PM  

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