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Friday, June 11, 2004

Ronald Reagan laid to rest

Ronald Reagan, 93, died nearly a week ago in California. He will be buried tonight at his presidential library, as he wished. May he find peace and comfort to where he travels. CNN has more details:
President Bush on Friday said, "Ronald Reagan belongs to the ages now, but we preferred it when he belonged to us."

In a ceremony of great sweep and gravity at Washington National Cathedral, Reagan was remembered as "a great man," a "dear friend" and "a president who inspired his nation and transformed the world."

To the dark peal of cathedral bells, the hearse carrying Reagan's flag-draped casket was met at the great doors of the cathedral by clergymen under gray skies, for the opening of the 40th president's state funeral service.
The debate over Reagan's legacy has been newly reignited. We can only hope conservatives in Congress don't propose naming a billion new things after him.