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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mississippi: another one for Obama

Well, Mississippi's precinct reporting stands at 97%, as of this writing, and to no one's great surprise this state goes firmly into Barack Obama's win column. Right now the vote is breaking about 60% / 37% in his favor.

I wonder who the other three percent voted for.

This gives a 17 / 11 delegate split out of the state's 33 delegates, with 5 remaining to be allocated, so expect these numbers to change.

What really gets my head spinning is Mississippi's rather convoluted process. Everybody gave a collective eyebrow-raise at the complexity and confusion of the "Texas two-step," but it seems that Mississippi goes them one better. The state splits its primary election up into six sub-elections, to which a subset of the state's 33 delegates are allocated. There are then percentage ranges for the vote totals which yield different delegate splits.

I don't claim to understand it all--I live in Washington so I guess I don't really have to--fortunately DailyKos contributor PocketNines does, and has been patient enough to explain it for the rest of us. [Update: something screwy happened to the link before. It's fixed now]

At least it sounds like Mississippi voters only have to go to one voting place and vote one time, which I suppose is an advantage over Texas' system.


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