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Monday, February 12, 2007

EFFWA's double standard

From Adam Wilson's blog at The Olympian comes word that the Evergreen Freedom Foundation is up to its old, anti-union dirty tricks - this time trying to abuse the Freedom of Information Act request process:
The Foundation, a conservative, privately financed think tank, made a public records request for “a copy of all bargaining notes made by negotiators and bargaining team members regarding the 2007-2009 collective bargaining agreements.”

Those agreements, reached in August, cover almost 50,000 state workers through such unions as the Service Employees International Union Local 775, and the Washington Federation of State Employees.

There are plenty of nuances to what can and can’t be said about employer-employee relationships, negotiations, and the like, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise the unions object to having notes scribbled during talks released to the Evergreen Freedom Foundation.

The unions have filed a complaint in court to stop the release, which the foundation has posted on its Web site.
Nice. The EFFWA doesn't have to reveal all its sources of money, since it's a "private" foundation, but they argue for transparency from unions.

And since it would be horribly undwieldy to ever try to unravel EFFWA's funding sources in a newspaper aricle, they just get tagged with something innoucuous sounding like "conservative and private." (Not to pick on Adam Wilson either; all journalists face this challenge.)

Hey, since journalism standards and discussions are all the rage these days, here's one to try on for size: what say media outlets refuse to quote or otherwise promote the actions of people who won't reveal all their sources of money?

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