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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Larry the Cable Guy doctrine

So is the intelligence saying Iran is bringing weaponry into Iraq like, real intelligence or is it more of the "Feith-based" "alternative" kind?

This is what happens when you lie. People tend not to believe what you say. It seems pretty basic, but this administration doesn't ever seem to learn much of anything.

Of course, it's a fairly important issue for the brave women and men who have volunteered to serve in our armed forces. If Iran has been bringing in IED's, then that means Iran is helping kill our troops. But since our ground forces are stretched so thin, about the only thing the Cheney administration could do is launch air strikes against Iran.

If "Shock 'N Awe II: Real Men Go To Tehran" doesn't work, and those sorts of air attacks never really do, then we will have a vastly more unstable Middle East on our hands. We will have attacked yet another country even as our military strength has been degraded by the Freedom Toast War.

While it's understandable that we sometimes compare things to the Vietnam era, this is more like the Larry the Cable Guy era. There's not even a pretense of reality any more, just a grunt, a "Git 'er done" and off we go. The Wal-Mart and NASCAR crowd needs to be entertained every so often, lest they start to catch on they are the ones being hosed as much as anyone.

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