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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why don't they pay for it at least?

And yeah, of course they won't go anywhere near a draft. They don't believe in their war that much, enough to kill them electorally for a generation. But if the struggle is so dire and dark, why not do something as tame as repeal their precious tax cuts for the wealthy? Heck, not only could they start paying for their war, but maybe they could even use it to buy armor for the poor saps headed over there without it.
Indeed. We mostly focus on the human costs, which are severe, but at something like $8 billion per month this war is an economic drain too. In one month we could pay for a new Viaduct, a new SR 520 bridge and a new I-5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver, just to put it in perspective.

Yet the media frames persist, despite any factual evidence to back them up: liberals are crazy people who want to spend, spend, spend, and conservatives are thoughtful, frugal people who watch out for taxpayers.

It's not opposite day, it's opposite decade.

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