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Friday, March 04, 2005

BIAW trickery and Lane's flip flop

The BIAW is up to its evil, devilish tricks again. Today, the Seattle Times has a story entitled "Builders group uses trickery to check out voters' signatures".

An excerpt from the Seattle Times explains it all:
A "Home Ownership Survey" sent to hundreds of King County residents, along with a $10 check as an incentive for returning it, wasn't really designed, as it claimed, to help project housing trends in the Puget Sound region.

The three-question survey and the check are part of a plan by backers of former Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi to search for fraudulent votes cast in the disputed November election.

The surveys were sent to more than 400 voters whose absentee ballots were questioned after the election and who signed post-election affidavits to ensure their ballots were counted.

The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) sent the mail in January and February in the hope that the surveys would be signed and the checks endorsed. That would give the builders group signatures to match against the affidavits, which were collected by Democratic volunteers and helped Democrat Christine Gregoire win the election.
How dare they.

The BIAW is an evil, despicable, and completely unethical organization. There seems to be no limit to the depths they will sink to in order to ram their partisan political agenda down Washington's throat.

The "Home Ownership Society" survey was faker than was, in other words, bullshit.

State Democratic Chair Paul Berendt said this of the BIAW's trickery (orchestrated by their leader, Tom McCabe): "What he's done is essentially a form of identity theft."

This latest sneaky trick lends a lot of credence to lawmakers' plans to cut the BIAW's income in half, which I talked about in a post yesterday. The BIAW cannot be allowed to continue its partisan political activities off of the back of the state government. These people are dangerous and need to be stopped.

Also in the news - yesterday former GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi made public a list of 1,135 felons he said voted illegally and 45 dead people he said were credited with voting.

The "illegal votes" are supposed to be a crucial part of Dino Rossi's court crusade to have last November's election tossed out.

Rossi spokeswoman Mary Lane had this to say about the accuracy of the list:
Rossi spokeswoman Mary Lane said Republicans were confident about the accuracy of the list, but acknowledged there might be some errors.
So..first she's saying they're confident about the accuracy of the list, but then she turns around and says there might be some errors.

Looks like a another classic flip flop from Rossi's House of Waffles. It's highly unusual for Rossi's spokeswoman to even "acknowledge" something to the does this mean the Republicans aren't actually that confident about the accuracy of their "list"?

Every time Judge Bridges has convened his court over in Chelan County to hear motions in this case, the GOP has come out afterwards to say they won. I suppose when they finally do lose the case, (which seems to be a very strong possibility) they'll do what Tim Eyman does...and claim they won anyway.

[After the defeat of I-892, Tim Eyman claimed that the initiative had been a "remarkable success" and that "over a million people voted for it." Never mind the almost two million that voted against it.]

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