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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Oregonian endorses Cantwell

Too nice a day to be on the internets very much, but wanted to check in quickly and note that The Oregonian has endorsed Maria Cantwell. I'll tease you with the first sentence.
The Internet, recently explained Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens -- chairman of the committee that oversees it -- is not a dump truck; it's a series of tubes.
Also worth noting is this graph.
McGavick has been having some trouble explaining how individual Social Security accounts, which he supports, are different from privatization, which he opposes. But he has an interesting position on immigration, noting the vital need for openness to highly skilled immigrants, and has a good point in calling for less-poisonous partisan politics -- although unfortunately this Senate campaign hasn't reflected it.
No kidding. Guess the corporate media from another state has a better handle on the race than a certain Seattle "family owned" newspaper. As I've noted before, The Oregonian has a substantial readership in Clark County, so this endorsement is meaningful.

Enjoy the sunshine for a few more hours.

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