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Thursday, September 07, 2006

BREAKING: Tim Eyman's Initiative 917 fails to qualify for the 2006 ballot

NPI’s Permanent Defense has received confirmation that Tim Eyman’s Initiative 917 will fail to make the November ballot.

We have been tracking the verification process for weeks - I was even an observer - and now we can finally broadcast far and wide this very good news.

As of today the Secretary of State has found a total of 42,772 invalid signatures. Because 224,880 valid signatures are required and because only 266,006 were turned in, this means the initiative does not have enough to qualify.

The Secretary of State apparently will continue to check the rest of the signatures submitted for verification, but Initiative 917 is officially dead.

UPDATE: Time to give the Failure Chart a new entry.

Eyman's Record Full of Failures

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