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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Announcing PortalSelect

Today, the Northwest Progressive Institute is pleased to announce PortalSelect, a new service from NPI providing you with exclusive online access to the best news & views.

Free Trial! Sign up before the end of April 1st and get full access for two months. Cancel anytime.

What's this about?
As a result of unexpected traffic surges over the last month, NPI's server costs have increased dramatically and we have made the decision to switch the Portal over to a subscription system. A recent user survey conducted by NPI suggested that advertising would be unpopular, so we chose a subscription-based system instead.

This isn't didn't even provide advance warning!
Well, life's not fair. We don't have endless resources. Money doesn't grow on trees here in the Evergreen State (unfortunately). We have hosting costs and those must be taken care of. If you like Pacific NW Portal enough, we're sure you'll become a subscriber. You know what the Portal is about: Round the clock access to the most important political news and analysis in the region.

What about other NPI websites?
Access to our Official Blog, core site, and Permanent Defense will remain free.

OK, so how much is it?
Full access to Pacific NW Portal, including our new PriorityEmailSupport (to resolve your display problems) is available to you for the low, affordable fee of $3.00 a month. Partial access (front page, Washington and Oregon state pages, no email support) is available for the even lower fee of $1.00 a month.

How do I get access?
The first step is to sign up for an account. Once you've entered your personal information you can choose a full or partial subscription. We accept either Visa or MasterCard (we may soon be able to accept American Express as well, we're working on that). You will receive a confirmation email asking you to confirm your new PortalSelect account.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition, and sorry for the confusion.

If you're irritated about this and require a better explanation, click here.

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