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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Michael Bloomberg is acting like a jerk

You're not helping things one bit, Mr. Mayor:
"This illegal and selfish strike needs to end and it needs to end now," said Bloomberg.

He said union officials who say they're fighting for workers are "frauds."
What an arrogant jerk! For all Michael Bloomberg cares, New York's transit workers should just get shafted with a bad contract. Why does he have to be disrespectful? What does he think he gains?

This is why we have unions in the first place. To stop workers from getting trampled on. The strike is now over, and it looks like the situation is improving. The M.T.A. appears to need new leadership, however.

Had the M.T.A.'s top guns not thrown a monkey wrench into the last stage of the earlier negotiations (by making absurd demands about pensions) the union might have never even called the strike.

The M.T.A. needs to be more reasonable. And Michael Bloomberg needs to pull his head out of his rear end and stop acting like a jerk.

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