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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anti-journalist bigots at Discovery Institute

Carl catches one of the "brain trust" at The Discovery Institute coming to a rather strange conclusion about "the surge" and the media:
The only way you might know that the Surge is already underway in Baghdad and that it is succeeding is that the bombings Sunday were trumpeted as big news in the mainstream U.S. media. It would not have been worth so much notice before, but now the war is being tested against a higher standard.
This from a Discovery Brain Trust member who appears to get paid over $130,000 a year to come up with such gems.

Maybe the media could wander over on Friday and ask St. John McCain how well the surge escalation is going and how it got done so quick. 'Cause if it did then I guess it must have been a plan that was intelligently designed. Discovery may have lost Kansas, but by gum they are going to see this Iraq thing through to the bitter end, no matter the financial or human cost.

But be forewarned, reporters: the Discovery Brain Trust thinks you are covering up the facts. And they get paid huge sums of money to do it.

Me, I blog for love.

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