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SIFF Documentary Review: Our Bodies Our Doctors is a timely reminder of the importance of reproductive rights

Excerpt: Read NPI's review of Our Bodies Our Doctors, a film about reproductive rights that's being screened at the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival.
Written by:Theresa Curry Almuti
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Book Review: Bernie Sanders’ “Guide to Political Revolution” aims to be teen resource

Excerpt: Democrats still get into arguments about the merits (or lack thereof) of Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ candidacies for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. It’s why many of us on the left continue, inexorably, viewing contemporary events as a chance to re-litigate that contest and who was right. To say that Bernie Sanders: Guide to […]
Written by:David A Johnson
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How would WA Republicans like it if *these* bills needed a two-thirds vote to pass?

Excerpt: Anyone who has spent time attempting to understand the politics of the Washington State Republican Party knows that Republicans spend an awful lot of time listening to (and taking their cues from) militant, right wing initiative profiteer Tim Eyman, who has become obsessed lately with gutting Washington’s cherished tradition of majority rule and replacing it […]
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
Categories:Core Encyclopedia Topics, Economic Security, Legislative Advocacy
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Republican Andy Hill a no-show at NARAL’s 45th District candidate forum in Redmond

Excerpt: Last night, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington held a candidate forum in Redmond to give candidates running for the Washington State Legislature in the 45th District an opportunity to share their views on women’s health and reproductive rights. The six candidates seeking to represent the district in the 2015-2016 Legislature were all invited to participate, but unfortunately, […]
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
Categories:Civil Liberties, Core Encyclopedia Topics
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