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Peter Steinbrueck: Our fractured metropolis (Text of the keynote from NPI’s 2011 gala)

Excerpt: Editor’s Note: Following the conclusion of our Spring Fundraising Gala a few days ago, we have been asked if we could make the text of Peter Steinbrueck’s keynote speech available. He has kindly agreed to do so; what follows are a polished version of his prepared remarks, delivered on April 28th at the Community Center […]
Written by:Peter Steinbrueck
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Tim Eyman gloms onto another anti-red light camera measure – this time in Redmond

Excerpt: I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been asked (usually in conversation) what motivated me to create Permanent Defense more than nine years ago. Regular readers are undoubtedly familiar with the story of PD’s founding, because I’ve told it or referred to it many times over the years. The catalyst, of course, was […]
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
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