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LIVE from Minneapolis: Building a stronger netroots community abroad

Excerpt: Here in the Unit­ed States, we don’t always hear about efforts abroad to uti­lize social media and devel­op new ways of orga­niz­ing online, because we don’t give our neigh­bors in the world com­mu­ni­ty much attention. But we ought to, because pro­gres­sives in oth­er coun­tries are try­ing to make use of the Inter­net to bring about […]
Written by:Patrick Stickney
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Alaska begins releasing Sarah Palin emails

Excerpt: Today, many emails from Sarah Palin’s par­tial­ly-com­plet­ed term as Alas­ka gov­er­nor were released.  So far, noth­ing too embar­rass­ing has come out, though the State of Alas­ka is still hold­ing back many documents. Accord­ing to The Guardian, approx­i­mate­ly 2,358 pages are being with­held out of the 26,553 pages of emails that were iden­ti­fied in Decem­ber.  The […]
Written by:Wes Murry
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