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LIVE from Bellevue: Governor Inslee unveils plan for investing in Washington’s schools

Excerpt: Good evening from Newport High School in Bellevue, Washington. I’m here with several dozen other activists, reporters, and citizens to participate in a town hall on education with Governor Jay Inslee and his staff. The governor is using the event to unveil his plan to strengthen Washington’s schools, which his office is calling the most […]
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
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Washington State Senate revolts against teaching to the test in key vote

Excerpt: Ever since Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon facilitated the coup that gave Republicans control of the Washington State Senate, true bipartisanship in that body has been a rarity. Tom’s disciplined right-wing caucus have battled Senate Democrats over everything from reproductive rights to transportation choices to the state’s constitutional obligation to fully fund our public schools. […]
Written by:Robert Cruickshank
Categories:Education, Legislative Advocacy
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