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Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Tim Eyman ordered to pay $156,000 in contempt fines; lashes out at Bob Ferguson

Disgraced initiative promoter Tim Eyman has taken a hiatus from pitching destructive initiatives that would wreck public services in Washington in order to fully focus on launching a series of email and Facebook broadsides against the state’s chief law enforcement official, Attorney General Bob Fergsuon.

It is Ferguson’s duty and responsibility as Attorney General to hold Eyman accountable for his blatant violations of Washington’s public disclosure laws — a duty Ferguson has been taking very seriously.

In an effort to counter Eyman’s stonewalling in the extreme legal defense strategy, Ferguson’s office last week asked Thurston County Superior Court Judge James Dixon to approve an order requiring Eyman to pay $156,000 in contempt penalties that Eyman has racked up for refusing to turn over records in the principal State of Washington v. Tim Eyman campaign finance enforcement case.

After a hearing on Friday morning of last week, Dixon granted the State’s motion. Ferguson now has a court-approved claim on a significant chunk of the cash that is sitting in Eyman’s checking accounts in United States Bankruptcy Court.

But that’s not all.

Ferguson’s office has also angered Eyman by determining that a couple of the twelve push polls slated to appear on this November’s ballot should use the phrasing costing an indeterminate amount of money instead of specifying a misleading dollar figure stretched over ten years.

(Eyman’s push polls, for those unaware, are non-binding measures that appear on the ballot anytime the Legislature passes a bill that increases or recovers state revenue. They are wasteful, costly, and deceptive, and you can learn all about them by reading this thorough primer at our Permanent Defense project’s website.)

“Whenever elected officials act like they’re above the law, it’s frustrating,” raged Eyman, who has a long, long, long history of acting like he’s above the law.

“But what do you do when it’s the chief law enforcement officer of the state? All you can do is expose the wrongdoing, put a spotlight on the hypocrisy, and criticize the lawlessness. Corruption comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. Anybody wanna argue this isn’t more corruption?”

Like Donald Trump, Tim Eyman is really good at projecting his faults onto others, and he has made Bob Ferguson his number one foil. The former King County Councilmember is in his seventh year as Attorney General.

Ferguson was so effective and respected in his first term as AG that Republicans didn’t even field a candidate against him. Ferguson’s opponent in the general election ended up being a Libertarian, whom Ferguson easily crushed.

Ferguson has taken on the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Motel 6, the Navy, the Department of Energy, Trump regime officials, and many, many other targets in his tireless efforts to defend our Constitutions and our laws against corruption, pollution, and discrimination. Most of the suits Ferguson has filed as Attorney General have gone very well for the State of Washington.

That track record of winning no doubt makes Eyman very nervous.

Eyman has repeatedly tried to exploit frustration among Washington’s right wing base with Ferguson for his own personal gain. In Trumplike fashion, Eyman has given Ferguson a disparaging nickname — “Fascist Fergie”.

“The costs of litigation, bankruptcy, and other crap coming from the AG’s attacks on me and my family are brutal,” reads the closing stock paragraph of one of Eyman’s email templates (a template he pulled out for use today). “Obviously, you’re under no obligation to help, but I hope you will anyway.”

Eyman does his very best to make it sound like all of his woes are Bob Ferguson’s fault. He even accused Ferguson of egging his home and cars last weekend.

“Did Bob Ferguson egg our house on Saturday?” was the subject of the email Eyman sent yesterday to his followers. (No, I’m not making this up.)

“Yesterday morning, I spent hours cleaning off the splattered, dried-on egg shells, egg whites, and egg yolks on the side of our house and cars,” Eyman wrote in the opening paragraph of that missive. “As soon as I saw it, I thought to myself ‘Did Ferguson do this?’ Ya, I know, it sounds pretty far-fetched: a statewide elected official — the Attorney General — doing such petty vandalism to me and my family. But it’s about the only thing left for him to do to us.”

Eyman’s email did not include any pictures of the supposed egging, leading me to wonder if it really happened at all. Absolutely nothing Eyman says can be trusted…. nothing. Eyman lies effortlessly, and is an unapologetic fabricator.

For instance, earlier this year, Eyman falsely alleged in a series of emails that Linda Dalton (one of the state attorneys working on State of Washington v. Tim Eyman) was fired by Ferguson for shoving another attorney and losing a motion. Eyman made this allegation after Dalton filed a Notice of Withdrawal from the case. The real reason for Dalton’s withdrawal, however, was her long-planned retirement.

No matter how much Eyman rages, the fact remains that he dug the hole that he is in himself. Eyman is his own tormentor; he inflicted these problems on himself.

Eyman chose to break Washington State’s campaign finance laws. He knew what he was doing was wrong, and he did it anyway. He is an unapologetic, serial offender. Eyman also chose to file for bankruptcy as a means of stalling the State’s efforts to hold him accountable for breaking those laws. When that didn’t work, he tried to back out of the bankruptcy. That didn’t work, either.

It is worth noting that while all this was going on, Eyman got himself into more trouble by inexplicably stealing a chair from the Lacey Office Depot.

Eyman hasn’t blamed Bob Ferguson for his decision to become a petty criminal… at least not yet. Perhaps by the end of this week, he’ll have done just that.

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