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Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

We’re watching the first night of the second 2020 Democratic presidential debate. Join us!

Good evening, and wel­come to NPI’s live cov­er­age of the sec­ond Demo­c­ra­t­ic pres­i­den­tial debate of the 2020 cycle.

NPI staff are watch­ing and shar­ing impres­sions of the debate as it pro­gress­es, which will take place over the course of two nights in Detroit, Michigan.

CNN is the media part­ner for this DNC-sanc­tioned debate.

The for­mat is as fol­lows:

Can­di­dates will be giv­en six­ty sec­onds to respond to a mod­er­a­tor-direct­ed ques­tion, and thir­ty sec­onds for respons­es and rebuttals.
Col­ored lights will be used to help the can­di­dates man­age their remain­ing response times: 15 sec­onds = yel­low; 5 sec­onds = flash­ing red; no time remain­ing = sol­id red.

A can­di­date attacked by name by anoth­er can­di­date will be giv­en thir­ty sec­onds to respond. There will be no show of hands or one-word, down-the-line questions.

A can­di­date who con­sis­tent­ly inter­rupts will have his or her time reduced. Ques­tions posed by the mod­er­a­tors will appear on the bot­tom of the screen for tele­vi­sion viewers.

Tonight’s line­up of ten can­di­dates is as follows:

  • Mon­tana Gov­er­nor Steve Bullock
  • South Bend, Indi­ana, May­or Pete Buttigieg
  • For­mer Mary­land U.S. Rep­re­sen­ta­tive John Delaney
  • For­mer Col­orado Gov­er­nor John Hickenlooper
  • Min­neso­ta U.S. Sen­a­tor Amy Klobuchar
  • For­mer Texas U.S. Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Beto O’Rourke
  • Ohio U.S. Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Tim Ryan
  • Ver­mont U.S. Sen­a­tor Bernie Sanders
  • Mass­a­chu­setts U.S. Sen­a­tor Eliz­a­beth Warren
  • Author Mar­i­anne Williamson

Our live cov­er­age begins below.

UPDATE, 5:02 PM (Ruairi): Good evening all, the Demo­c­ra­t­ic debate is  begin­ning in the his­toric Fox The­atre in Detroit, Michi­gan. Stay with us for debate com­men­tary and analysis!

UPDATE, 5:08 PM (Ruairi): Jake Tap­per is joined by Dana Bash and Don Lemon to mod­er­ate the debate between the first set of ten Demo­c­ra­t­ic can­di­dates. First to walk on the stage are Sen­a­tors Sanders and War­ren, fol­lowed by Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke. They are fol­lowed by Amy Klobuchar, John Hick­en­loop­er, Tim Ryan, John Delaney, Mar­i­anne Williamson, and Steve Bullock.

UPDATE, 5:11 PM (Ruairi): The nation­al anthem is beau­ti­ful­ly per­formed by a local Detroit church choir, led by Pas­tor Mar­vin Winans.

UPDATE, 5:14 PM (Andrew): CNN decid­ed to intro­duce the can­di­dates by their stand­ing in the polls. That meant Sanders and War­ren came out first. They exchanged very friend­ly greetings.

UPDATE, 5:16 PM (Andrew): CNN gives Montana’s Steve Bul­lock the first word. He’s cer­tain­ly mak­ing a bet­ter pitch than John Hick­en­loop­er did the first time around.

UPDATE, 5:17 PM (Andrew): Bul­lock closed his open­ing pitch with: “I’m a pro­gres­sive… empha­sis on progress.”

It’s cer­tain­ly true that, as Sarah Vow­ell recent­ly not­ed, he has accom­plished a lot with a lit­tle in his home state of Montana.

UPDATE, 5:18 PM (Ruairi): Montana’s Gov­er­nor Steve Bul­lock is the first to give his open­ing state­ment. He decried the “wish list eco­nom­ics” of his rivals and argued that his strong record in a Trump state shows that he can con­nect to ordi­nary Americans.

UPDATE, 5:19 PM (Andrew): If John Delaney’s goal was to secure new con­verts to his cause in this debate, he’s fail­ing. Miserably.

UPDATE, 5:22 PM (Ruairi): Mar­i­anne Williamson recalled the abo­li­tion­ist move­ment, the suf­fragette move­ment and the civ­il rights move­ment in her open­ing state­ment. She called out the eco­nom­ic obses­sion with cor­po­rate prof­its as a “false god” in mod­ern soci­ety. She claimed that “con­ven­tion­al pol­i­tics are not part of the solu­tion because con­ven­tion­al pol­i­tics are part of the problem.”

UPDATE, 5:23 PM (Andrew): Our team at NPI has not for­got­ten that Tim Ryan pre­vi­ous­ly argued that the key to vic­to­ry in the 2018 midterms was for Democ­rats to embrace cor­po­rate tax cuts. Back­ground:

UPDATE, 5:24 PM (Andrew): Props to Beto O’Rourke for bring­ing up the cli­mate cri­sis. We need to stop dither­ing and act to halt and reverse cli­mate damage.

UPDATE, 5:25 PM (Andrew): “Our prob­lems did not start with Don­ald Trump,” @ElizabethWarren astute­ly notes.

UPDATE, 5:26 PM (Ruairi): John Delaney launched into an attack on “bad poli­cies” like Medicare for All and “free every­thing,” as he put it. He recalled the failed cam­paigns of Democ­rats like McGov­ern and Dukakis, and argued that he had real solu­tions, not impos­si­ble promises.

UPDATE, 5:27 PM (Andrew): Bernie Sanders is, not sur­pris­ing­ly, empha­siz­ing health­care and tax fair­ness in his open­ing state­ment. He also men­tioned the fos­sil fuel industry’s destruc­tive impact on the Earth, our com­mon home.

UPDATE, 5:28 PM (Ruairi): Tim Ryan decried America’s “bro­ken eco­nom­ic sys­tem” and wants to install “new and bet­ter” sys­tems. He launched into a pro­gres­sive eco­nom­ic message.

UPDATE, 5:29 PM (Andrew): With the open­ing state­ments out of the way, CNN has set up an exchange between John Delaney and Bernie Sanders over healthcare.

UPDATE, 5:30 PM (Ruairi): John Hick­en­loop­er, in a some­what ver­bal­ly stum­bling state­ment, argued that he could offer prag­mat­ic solu­tions. He tout­ed his suc­cess as a small busi­ness­man, and his suc­cess­es as the Gov­er­nor of Col­orado. He claimed that under his tenure, Col­orado had :”the top econ­o­my in the country.”

UPDATE, 5:31 PM (Andrew): “We should stop using Repub­li­can talk­ing points,” Eliz­a­beth War­ren wise­ly says, jump­ing into the for­ay over healthcare.

UPDATE, 5:32 PM (Ruairi): Sen­a­tor Amy Klobuchar of Min­neso­ta had a sim­ple mes­sage; she is from the Mid­west, which is where the Democ­rats need to win back ground from the Repub­li­cans. She described her poli­cies as ambi­tious, but “ground­ed.”

UPDATE, 5:33 PM (Andrew): Two bad fol­low-up ques­tions from Jake Tap­per, using the Repub­li­can talk­ing points War­ren just decried. It’s tire­some when debate mod­er­a­tors use right wing fram­ing in a Demo­c­ra­t­ic debate.

UPDATE, 5:33 PM (Ruairi): Beto O’Rourke launched into soar­ing rhetoric, describ­ing the poten­tial that the USA had. He was the first can­di­date to men­tion “end­less war” and cli­mate change.

UPDATE, 5:34 PM (Ruairi): May­or Pete Buttigieg’s state­ment paint­ed a dark pic­ture of America’s future, with a “hori­zon of cat­a­stro­phe” approach­ing the world’s cli­mate. He want­ed to “walk away from the past and do some­thing different.”

UPDATE, 5:35 PM (Andrew): CNN view­ers deserve bet­ter facil­i­ta­tion than what we’re get­ting from CNN’s Jake Tap­per in this debate.

UPDATE, 5:36 PM (Ruairi): Bernie Sanders gave the stump speech famil­iar to fol­low­ers of U.S. pol­i­tics – eco­nom­ic pop­ulism, decry­ing the home­less­ness num­bers and crit­i­ciz­ing the top 1% and major cor­po­ra­tions for dodg­ing tax.

UPDATE, 5:38 PM (Andrew): Thank you, Bernie Sanders, for call­ing out Jake Tapper.

UPDATE, 5:40 PM (Andrew): John Delaney just keeps bomb­ing in this debate.

UPDATE, 5:42 PM (Andrew): “It is time to stop wor­ry­ing about what the Repub­li­cans will say,” Pete Buttigieg says, apt­ly point­ing out that Repub­li­cans will throw mud no mat­ter what.

UPDATE, 5:43 PM (Andrew): Eliz­a­beth War­ren nods as Bernie Sanders reminds every­one how much insur­ance com­pa­nies and drug com­pa­nies spend on lobbying.

UPDATE, 5:45 PM (Ruairi): The first ques­tion to the can­di­dates addressed the sub­ject of health­care. John Delaney’s crit­i­cism of Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All pro­pos­al was used to imme­di­ate­ly spark a fierce debate between the idea’s sup­port­ers, and mod­er­ate can­di­dates. Sanders and War­ren defend­ed their plan strong­ly, while O’Rourke and Buttigieg tried to draw atten­tion to their own spe­cif­ic Medicare plans. Delaney, Bul­lock, Klobuchar, Williamson and Hick­en­loop­er attacked the plan as unwork­able. CNN framed the issue in terms of increased tax­es, but Sanders called out the mod­er­a­tors for “using a Repub­li­can frame­work” on the issue.

UPDATE, 5:46 PM (Ruairi): The sup­port­ers of Medicare for All clear­ly had the sup­port of the Fox The­atre audi­ence, where those against the bill were met with stony silence. Pete Buttigieg got a laugh, for point­ing out that, no mat­ter what, the GOP will call the Democ­rats “a bunch of crazy social­ists.” When Tim Ryan tried to claim that Bernie Sanders didn’t know what he was talk­ing about, he snapped back to applause, “I do know that, I wrote the damn bill!”

UPDATE, 5:47 PM (Andrew): We’ve come full cir­cle in this con­ver­sa­tion on health­care with Delaney and Sanders spar­ring again. How about we talk about address­ing cli­mate dam­age now?

UPDATE, 5:47 PM (Ruairi): When John Delaney claimed that the “math is wrong” on Medicare for All, Bernie Sanders accused Delaney of mak­ing mon­ey off of health­care bureau­cra­cy, allud­ing to Delaney’s career in the pri­vate sector.

UPDATE, 5:48 PM (Andrew): Pret­ty smooth answer from Pete Buttigieg on immi­gra­tion and a nice demon­stra­tion of the pow­er of reframing.

UPDATE, 5:51 PM (Ruairi): The sec­ond ques­tion addressed immi­gra­tion. Dana Bash asked why Pete Buttigieg’s plan to decrim­i­nal­ize ille­gal bor­der cross­ings would not “encour­age more ille­gal immi­grants.” Buttigieg and O’Rourke dis­agree on the issue, but both want to change the sit­u­a­tion on the border.

UPDATE, 5:52 PM (Andrew): War­ren is ham­mer­ing home the point of chang­ing our immi­gra­tion laws so that they can’t be used as a weapon to break up families.

UPDATE, 5:52 PM (Ruairi): Sen­a­tor War­ren argued, “the point is not about crim­i­nal­iza­tion,” but did sup­port the mea­sure. Hick­en­loop­er seemed to lack a plan, say­ing, “how hard can that be?” Sen. Klobuchar argued that the immi­gra­tion sys­tem need­ed a reform that gave a path to citizenship.

UPDATE, 5:54 PM (Ruairi): Sen. Sanders argued that he would “end the demo­niza­tion” of immi­grants. He pro­posed a hemi­spher­ic con­fer­ence to address the prob­lems of the immi­grants’ home coun­tries, El Sal­vador, Hon­duras and Guatemala.

UPDATE, 5:55 PM (Andrew): Bernie Sanders empha­sizes the impor­tance of reduc­ing vio­lence and insta­bil­i­ty in coun­tries like Guatemala, El Sal­vador, and Nicaragua so that peo­ple there don’t have to flee their homes in pur­suit of free­dom and safety.

UPDATE, 5:56 PM (Ruairi): Gov­er­nor Bul­lock indulges in some fear-mon­ger­ing about the num­bers of immi­grants com­ing to the U.S. He claimed that the immi­gra­tion debate was detached from ordi­nary Amer­i­cans’ inter­ests. He clashed with Sen. War­ren over which side was play­ing into Don­ald Trump’s hands.

UPDATE, 5:57 PM (Andrew): There is a clear divide between the can­di­dates on this stage who want to decrim­i­nal­ize the free­dom of move­ment (like War­ren and Buttigieg) and those who want the sta­tus quo (like Bul­lock and Ryan).

UPDATE, 5:58 PM (Ruairi): Tim Ryan said, “if you want to come in the coun­try, you ought to ring the door­bell.” He believed that Sen. Sanders’ plans would encour­age ille­gal immi­gra­tion, and he argued that the main prob­lem was Pres­i­dent Trump, not the cur­rent bor­der laws. Sanders respond­ed that, as “health­care is a human right,” the human beings com­ing to the bor­der deserved health­care like every­one else.

UPDATE, 6:00 PM (Ruairi): Pete Buttigieg was asked about what he would do about the epi­dem­ic of gun vio­lence in the USA. He point­ed out that 90% of Repub­li­cans want uni­ver­sal back­ground checks. He sub­tly brought in his mil­i­tary record, point­ing out that the weapons he used over­seas had no place in the home­land. Klobuchar loud­ly dis­agreed with Buttigieg.

UPDATE, 6:01 PM (Andrew): One thing the CNN mod­er­a­tors are doing a good job of tonight is stop­ping can­di­dates from jump­ing in when not called upon and inter­rupt­ing each oth­er, there­by pre­vent­ing the debate from turn­ing into a free for all. They’re also enforc­ing time lim­its more strin­gent­ly than the NBC mod­er­a­tors did.

UPDATE, 6:01 PM (Ruairi): John Hick­en­loop­er was the Gov­er­nor of Col­orado when the Auro­ra cin­e­ma mas­sacre hap­pened. He point­ed out that his admin­is­tra­tion man­aged to imple­ment some gun law reforms. Amy Klobuchar point­ed out that a pres­i­dent had to be able to take on the NRA.

UPDATE, 6:03 PM (Ruairi): Buttigieg point­ed out that he was in high school when the infa­mous Columbine Mas­sacre occurred, part of the first mass-shoot­ing gen­er­a­tion. He saw the Park­land gen­er­a­tion as the sec­ond gen­er­a­tion. He pledged that there would not be a third.

UPDATE, 6:04 PM (Andrew): Out­lin­ing his posi­tion on gun vio­lence, Steve Bul­lock invoked the Koch broth­ers as he cas­ti­gat­ed the hold that dark mon­ey has on our nation’s cap­i­tal. Good answer.

UPDATE, 6:04 PM (Ruairi): Steve Bul­lock argued that gun vio­lence had to be addressed as a “pub­lic health issue, not a polit­i­cal issue.” He argued that the true prob­lem in Amer­i­can pol­i­tics was dark mon­ey influ­enc­ing elections.

UPDATE, 6:06 PM (Ruairi): Beto O’Rourke agreed that dark mon­ey over-influ­enced pol­i­tics. He want­ed to ban polit­i­cal action com­mit­tees donat­ing to polit­i­cal can­di­dates. Sen. Sanders, who has lost elec­tions in his home state of Ver­mont over the gun con­trol issues, laid out a  set of poli­cies that would tack­le gun violence.

UPDATE, 6:09 PM (Ruairi): Buttigieg launched into an argu­ment about the Con­sti­tu­tion, argu­ing that an Amend­ment was need­ed to get mon­ey out of pol­i­tics. Steve Bul­lock point­ed out that, if he could reduce PAC spend­ing in Mon­tana, it could be done in Wash­ing­ton D.C. Mar­i­anne Williamson point­ed out that a num­ber of the politi­cians on the stage have tak­en mon­ey from large cor­po­ra­tions, and called for a Con­sti­tu­tion­al Amend­ment to pub­licly fund elections.

UPDATE, 6:10 PM (Andrew): Pri­or to the com­mer­cial break, the debate segued from talk­ing about gun vio­lence to a dis­cus­sion about reduc­ing big money’s stran­gle­hold on pol­i­tics — a top­ic that mod­er­a­tors work­ing for big media rarely empha­size in debates.

UPDATE, 6:13 PM (Andrew): Debates offer an oppor­tu­ni­ty for can­di­dates to dis­cuss their views on pol­i­cy direc­tions and poli­cies with each oth­er and view­ers who are watch­ing. Such oppor­tu­ni­ties get squan­dered when mod­er­a­tors ask bad ques­tions, like the one that Jake Tap­per just posed to John Hickenlooper.

UPDATE, 6:15 PM (Ruairi): The next ques­tion addressed the issue of elec­tabil­i­ty. Hick­en­loop­er was asked about his attacks on Sen. Sanders’ social­ism. He called Sanders’ poli­cies “a dis­as­ter at the bal­lot box.” He argued that “Don­ald Trump is mal­prac­tice per­son­i­fied,” and that Democ­rats should focus on sim­ple bread-and-but­ter issues. Sanders point­ed out that his polit­i­cal plat­form had led him to a place where, in every cred­i­ble poll, he could beat Don­ald Trump.

UPDATE, 6:15 PM (Andrew): Did John Hick­en­loop­er for­get that Bernie Sanders was once a may­or? Oops.

UPDATE, 6:16 PM (Ruairi): Hick­en­loop­er argued that “you can’t just spring a plan on the world and expect it to suc­ceed!” Sanders point­ed out that Medicare was just such a plan, and it has been work­ing for decades. Tim Ryan point­ed out that, at this point in the 2016 elec­tion, Hillary Clin­ton was win­ning in the polls too!

UPDATE, 6:18 PM (Ruairi): Ryan want­ed to fight for under-paid work­ing class vot­ers’ issues. Beto O’Rourke didn’t see the nec­ces­sit­ty to over-focus on the indus­tri­al Mid­west, if he could win Texas. Bul­lock point­ed out that he actu­al­ly won a Trump state. He wants to win back Trump vot­ers, by focus­ing on the fact that the econ­o­my wasn’t work­ing most people.

UPDATE, 6:19 PM (Ruairi): The CNN mod­er­a­tors took Warren’s asser­tion that she is a cap­i­tal­ist as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to dri­ve a wedge between her and her social­ist col­league, Bernie Sanders. She didn’t take the bait, point­ing out that she wasn’t afraid of what the Repub­li­cans say about Democrats.

UPDATE, 6:21 PM (Ruairi): John Delaney want­ed to encour­age col­lab­o­ra­tion between the gov­ern­ment and the pri­vate sec­tor rather than more rad­i­cal ideas. War­ren got a huge cheer for point­ing out, “I don’t know why some­one would go to the trou­ble of run­ning for Pres­i­dent, just to talk about what we can’t do!”

UPDATE, 6:21 PM (Andrew): John Delaney isn’t scor­ing any points by try­ing to pick fights with Eliz­a­beth War­ren and Bernie Sanders.

He’s real­ly embar­rass­ing himself.

UPDATE, 6:22 PM (Andrew): Bernie Sanders is cor­rect: Democ­rats need to artic­u­late a com­pelling vision and need to engage young peo­ple to win in 2020.

UPDATE, 6:23 PM (Ruairi): Delaney argued that his ideas were big, and decried the solu­tions of War­ren and Sanders. War­ren point­ed out that “we have already tried” to use Delaney’s solu­tions. She reused the line, “insur­ance com­pa­nies do not have the God-giv­en right to suck bil­lions of dol­lars out of the econ­o­my.” Sanders point­ed out that beat­ing Trump was no easy task, and argued for a rad­i­cal grass­roots approach to the 2020 elections.

UPDATE, 6:25 PM (Ruairi): Klobuchar point­ed out that she won Min­neso­ta with her mod­er­ate ideas. O’Rourke point­ed to his record in El Paso, turn­ing around the city’struggling VA.

UPDATE, 6:25 PM (Andrew): Jay Inslee’s cam­paign just sent out a fundrais­ing email not­ing that the cli­mate cri­sis is once again get­ting ignored in the debate. (Inslee is not on stage tonight; he will be tomor­row.) But CNN’s Dana Bash just brought the top­ic up, giv­ing John Delaney the first chance to respond.

UPDATE, 6:26 PM (Ruairi): Delaney is con­front­ed in the next ques­tion with his oppo­si­tion to the Green New Deal, as the cli­mate cri­sis looms.

UPDATE, 6:27 PM (Ruairi): Delaney laid out his own plan, which involves suck­ing car­bon out of the atmos­phere and encour­ag­ing the pri­vate sec­tor. Sen. War­ren argued her plan encour­ages inno­va­tion, and links her cli­mate plan to the man­u­fac­tur­ing indus­tries in the Midwest.

UPDATE, 6:28 PM (Andrew): Eliz­a­beth War­ren is doing a great job explain­ing how we can reduce pol­lu­tion and cre­ate great new jobs at the same time.

UPDATE, 6:29 PM (Ruairi): Hick­en­loop­er called the Green New Deal “a dis­trac­tion.” He wants to build bridges with coun­tries like Chi­na to deal with cli­mate change. War­ren argued that her pol­i­cy was “a real pol­i­cy on the table,” and the likes of Hick­en­loop­er  used Repub­li­can talk­ing points and obfuscation.

UPDATE, 6:30 PM (Andrew): Rea­son­ably strong answer from Tim Ryan on cre­at­ing a stronger clean Amer­i­can man­u­fac­tur­ing indus­try and mak­ing our farms more sustainable.

UPDATE, 6:30 PM (Ruairi): Tim Ryan, who rep­re­sents a huge num­ber of auto work­ers, is asked about Sen. Sanders plan to reduce gas-pow­ered cars. Ryan wants the Unit­ed States to dom­i­nate the elec­tric car and renew­able ener­gy indus­tries. He also wants to strength­en agri­cul­ture indus­try as part of the cli­mate change problem.

UPDATE, 6:32 PM (Ruairi): Sanders argues that the Repub­li­cans are not afraid of their big ideas, “so please don’t tell me that we [the Democ­rats] can’t take on the fos­sil fuel indus­try!” Ryan got a chuck­le from the audi­ence by say­ing, “there’s no need to shout, Bernie.”

UPDATE, 6:34 PM (Ruairi): Sanders wants to be “super aggres­sive” on the issue of the envi­ron­ment. He wants to take on the indus­try, trans­form the econ­o­my, trans­form the trans­porta­tion sys­tem, and lead the world on the issue. Steve Bul­lock point­ed out that the GOP does not even rec­og­nize the exis­tence of cli­mate dam­age, bring­ing back the issue of dark money.

UPDATE, 6:35 PM (Andrew): Work­ers would not be left behind in a Green New Deal that pro­vides a just and respon­si­ble tran­si­tion to a clean ener­gy econ­o­my, Bernie Sanders tells Steve Bul­lock. (Bul­lock con­ve­nient­ly neglect­ed to men­tion his advo­ca­cy for the coal indus­try dur­ing his answer.)

UPDATE, 6:35 PM (Ruairi): Bul­lock was wor­ried that the Democ­rats risked alien­at­ing and demo­niz­ing work­ers in the fos­sil fuel indus­try. Sanders argued that his plan would encour­age an indus­try trans­fer for work­ing class people.

UPDATE, 6:37 PM (Andrew): Props to CNN for final­ly bring­ing up the Flint water cri­sis dur­ing this debate and mak­ing it the sub­ject of a mod­er­a­tor question.

UPDATE, 6:37 PM (Ruairi): O’Rourke (one of the youngest on stage) point­ed out that sci­en­tists warn that the U.S. has only ten years to meet the chal­lenge. He wants to “bring every­one in to the solu­tion.” Buttigieg point­ed out that the USA will only con­front cli­mate change when Don­ald Trump is out of office. He argued that, as a vet­er­an, he could slam Trump for his draft-dodging.

UPDATE, 6:39 PM (Ruairi): Amy Klobuchar was one of the two can­di­dates asked about the Flint water cri­sis. She said that she would put a tril­lion dol­lars into green infra­struc­ture, and pay for it with a change in the cap­i­tal gains tax. Mar­i­anne Willaim­son said that “Flint is just the tip of the ice­berg.” She saw the cri­sis as con­nect­ed to sys­tems of injus­tice and racism through­out the U.S.

UPDATE, 6:40 PM (Andrew): Seri­ous­ly, CNN? That’s all on the Flint water cri­sis? That’s all? You invoke a huge­ly impor­tant, often unad­dressed top­ic and then ask only two of the ten can­di­dates on the stage to weigh in?

UPDATE, 6:41 PM (Ruairi): The ques­tion­ers turned to the issue of race, ask­ing how Beto O’Rourke would be able to take on Trump’s obvi­ous racism. O’Rourke brought up Trump’s attacks on Ilhan Omar, his “crim­i­nals and rapists” com­ments, and his attempt­ed Mus­lim ban. O’Rourke says his home town of El Paso is one of the safest in the USA exact­ly because of its diverse population.

UPDATE, 6:42 PM (Ruairi): Gov­er­nor Hick­en­loop­er answered CNN’s race ques­tion, offer­ing to intro­duce an “urban agen­da,” talk­ing about police vio­lence and afford­able housing.

UPDATE, 6:43 PM (Ruairi): War­ren was asked about the rise of white suprema­cy. She called recent white suprema­cist attacks “domes­tic ter­ror­ism.” She argued that edu­ca­tion was part of the solu­tion, espe­cial­ly her plan to increase Pell Grants for his­tor­i­cal­ly black uni­ver­si­ties, to the applause of the Detroit audience.

UPDATE, 6:45 PM (Ruairi): Buttigieg, asked about his trou­bling racial record as May­or, said that”the racial divide lives with­in me.” He point­ed to the many inequal­i­ties in U.S. soci­ety, and out­lined some of his poli­cies to address the issues.

UPDATE, 6:46 PM (Ruairi): Klobuchar was asked about Don­ald Trump’s racism. She promised that under her pres­i­den­cy, racist attacks from the White House would stop. She argued that her poli­cies would “help every­one,” non-white com­mu­ni­ties included.

UPDATE, 6:48 PM (Ruairi): O’Rourke was applaud­ed for point­ing out that the entire U.S. econ­o­my is built on racial injus­tice. He laid out a detailed, rad­i­cal plan, which includ­ed repa­ra­tions from slavery.

Williamson sup­port­ed the idea of repa­ra­tions say­ing, “any­thing under 0 bil­lion is an insult!” She was wild­ly applaud­ed by the audience.

UPDATE, 6:50 PM (Ruairi): Sanders, who has not expressed sup­port for repa­ra­tions, was asked about the sta­tis­tic that 73% of African-Amer­i­cans sup­port repa­ra­tions. Sanders respond­ed by out­lin­ing his plan to help a wide vari­ety of dis­ad­van­taged com­mu­ni­ties; riff­ing on War­ren, he claimed, “I also have a plan.”

UPDATE, 6:54 PM (Andrew): In many respects, CNN has done a bet­ter job orga­niz­ing this debate than NBC did with theirs.

For instance, there haven’t been any embar­rass­ing audio sna­fus and the can­di­dates were giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to dis­cuss a broad­er range of topics.

UPDATE, 6:55 PM (Ruairi): Tim Ryan was asked about Pres­i­dent Trump’s pol­i­cy of trade tar­riffs. Ryan argued that Trump “was on to some­thing” on the issue of Chi­na. He linked the degra­da­tion of the work­ing class to both the top 1% of Amer­i­cans AND the Chi­nese. Ryan argued that he would take a more intel­li­gent approach to con­fronting China.

UPDATE, 6:58 PM (Ruairi): John Delaney began his argu­ment by sup­port­ing the Trans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship, crit­i­ciz­ing Sen. Warren’s crit­i­cisms of U.S. trade pol­i­cy. War­ren point­ed out that cor­po­ra­tions have no loy­al­ty to the Amer­i­can peo­ple. She planned to nego­ti­ate with cor­po­ra­tions, with union­ists and activists “at the table.” Delaney (inac­cu­rate­ly) argued, “that was the Trans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship,” and that Warren’s plan would stop trade with the U.K. and the E.U.

UPDATE, 6:58 PM (Ruairi): Sanders was so infu­ri­at­ed by Delaney’s argu­ment that he began to talk over War­ren, but then said, “Oh! I’m sor­ry!” to his ally in the Senate.

UPDATE, 6:59 PM (Andrew): Anoth­er mem­o­rable War­ren-Delaney exchange, this time on trade. Bernie Sanders is speak­ing now, back­ing up Eliz­a­beth War­ren one hun­dred percent.

UPDATE, 7:00 PM (Ruairi): O’Rourke asked, “when have we ever gone to war, even a trade war, with­out allies?” He want­ed to bring the E.U. into the USA’s efforts against Chi­na. Sanders said that “Eliz­a­beth is absolute­ly right” on inter­na­tion­al trade. He promised to bring cor­po­rate greed to heel by refus­ing to give rapa­cious cor­po­ra­tions gov­ern­ment contracts.

UPDATE, 7:01 PM (Ruairi): War­rren point­ed out that tar­riffs are not the real point of trade deals.  Trade deals “have become a way for giant multinationals…to suck more prof­its out for themselves.”

UPDATE, 7:02 PM (Ruairi): Steve Bul­lock want­ed to ensure that farm­ers and work­ers were pro­tect­ed by new trade deals.

UPDATE, 7:02 PM (Andrew): Steve Bul­lock voiced agree­ment with Eliz­a­beth War­ren when it was his turn to weigh in on trade pol­i­cy and tar­iffs, right after War­ren put on a clin­ic about what’s real­ly in the cur­rent crop of trade deals.

UPDATE, 7:04 PM (Ruairi): May­or Buttigieg was asked about his plan to retrain work­ers for a chang­ing econ­o­my. He argued that such indus­tri­al changes aff­tect­ed his own com­mu­ni­ty of South Bend, Indi­ana. He point­ed to his pro­pos­al to allow “gig econ­o­my” work­ers to union­ize. He quot­ed the Bible, argu­ing that “con­ser­v­a­tive Chris­t­ian sen­a­tors” were oppress­ing the poor.

UPDATE, 7:07 PM (Ruairi): John Delaney would be tar­get­ed by Sen. Warren’s wealth tax. He was asked about this and argued that a wealth tax is not the solu­tion, is “arguably uncon­sti­tu­tion­al”, and pro­mot­ed a raise on cap­i­tal gains tax. War­ren list­ed the things her wealth tax could fund: fund­ing preschools and teach­ers, uni­ver­sal tuition-free col­lege, raise Pell Grants, can­cel a huge amount of stu­dent loan debt.

UPDATE, 7:08 PM (Andrew): Pete Buttigieg man­aged to get in a nice dig at Bet­sy DeVos in his answer on stu­dent debt forgiveness.

UPDATE, 7:09 PM (Ruairi): Pete Buttigieg was asked about his own stu­dent debt, and Bernie Sanders’ plan to elim­i­nate stu­dent debt. He said, “that would be great for us,” but argued that many would be missed by Sanders’ plan. He want­ed to tar­get for-prof­it col­leges and preda­to­ry lenders.

UPDATE, 7:11 PM (Ruairi): Sanders, asked about Buttigieg’s response, launched into a famil­iar spiel; “what we need is a polit­i­cal rev­o­lu­tion.” Williamson’s plan for free col­lege was framed by CNN as a boon for wealthy kids. She argued that any help for edu­ca­tion and col­lege debt would stim­u­late the U.S. econ­o­my. She described her plan as, “using the instru­ments of gov­ern­ment to HELP people!”

UPDATE, 7:12 PM (Andrew): No men­tion of Puer­to Rico so far tonight.

Why’s that, CNN?

UPDATE, 7:12 PM (Ruairi): Instead of free four-year col­lege tuition, Beto O’Rourke’s plan would ful­ly finance (includ­ing room and board) two-year degrees. Klobuchar wants to “focus resources on the peo­ple who need it most,” and is con­cerned that “Wall Street kids” would be the ones who ben­e­fit­ed from a free col­lege plan.

UPDATE, 7:13 PM (Andrew): “Trump is a patho­log­i­cal liar. I tell the truth.” – Bernie Sanders, swat­ting down the premise of anoth­er lousy mod­er­a­tor question.

UPDATE, 7:14 PM (Ruairi): Sanders went on to argue for a pol­i­cy that focus­es on diplo­ma­cy, end­ing con­flict, and work­ing through the Unit­ed Nations.

UPDATE, 7:15 PM (Ruairi): Hick­en­loop­er recalled mourn­ing with the fam­i­lies of Col­orado Nation­al Guard mem­bers who were killed in action. Tim Ryan was asked about North Korea. He said he would not meet with Kim Jong Un, and said that Amy Klobuchar’s asser­tion that she would meet with any leader was wrong.

UPDATE, 7:15 PM (Andrew): John Hickenlooper’s answer on for­eign pol­i­cy was one of his strongest tonight.

UPDATE, 7:17 PM (Ruairi): Tim Ryan described diplo­ma­cy as “long tedious work,” and described Trump’s for­eign pol­i­cy as flashy and incom­pe­tence. Klobuchar described Trump’s for­eign pol­i­cy as the “Go It Alone Doc­trine.” She said the U.S. need­ed to put Amer­i­can issues first, “not the Russians’.”

UPDATE, 7:18 PM (Andrew): One thing the CNN mod­er­a­tors have done rea­son­ably well tonight is mak­ing sure that can­di­dates who are itch­ing to com­ment on a top­ic (or deliv­er a fol­low-up) get called upon in a time­ly fash­ion so they don’t feel com­pelled to interrupt.

UPDATE, 7:19 PM (Ruairi): Asked if he would with­draw U.S. troops from Afghanistan with­in his first year in office, Pete Buttigieg said “we have to.” He pro­posed a “three year sun­set” on any mil­i­tary inter­ven­tion abroad. O’Rourke did not com­mit to with­draw­al “in the first year,” but in his first term. He also point­ed to troop deploy­ment in Yemen, Soma­lia, Libya, Iraq and oth­er countries.

UPDATE, 7:20 PM (Ruairi): Hick­en­loop­er believes that pulling troops out of Afghanistan would cre­ate “a human­i­tar­i­an disaster.”

He said “we’re gonna have to be in Afghanistan!”

UPDATE, 7:20 PM (Andrew): Beto O’Rourke and John Hick­en­loop­er clear­ly dif­fer on what America’s pol­i­cy should be with respect to our pres­ence in Afghanistan.

UPDATE, 7:22 PM (Ruairi): War­ren, who has pro­posed ban­ning pre­emp­tive use of nuclear weapons, was asked why the U.S. should “tie its hands” in that way. She point­ed out that such a pol­i­cy sim­ply makes the world safer. She turned the con­ver­sa­tion back to the End­less Wars.

UPDATE, 7:22 PM (Andrew): Eliz­a­beth War­ren hit it out of the park in explain­ing why we need a pol­i­cy that declares that the Unit­ed States will not launch a pre­emp­tive nuclear strike any­where, ever. It will make the world safer.

UPDATE, 7:23 PM (Ruairi): Steve Bul­lock did not want to take attack­ing a nation with nuclear weapons pre­emp­tive­ly “off the table.” War­ren point­ed out that such a posi­tion could nev­er expand trust in the inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty; Don­ald Trump’s nuclear pol­i­cy has led the world “clos­er and clos­er to nuclear war.”

UPDATE, 7:23 PM (Andrew): Sen­a­tor War­ren is doing a great job of explain­ing how we mod­el the lead­er­ship that we want to see in the world on nuclear nonproliferation.

UPDATE, 7:24 PM (Ruairi): Steve Bul­lock said that he didn’t want to wait until Detroit has been destroyed by a nuclear weapon before deploy­ing weapons of mass destruction.

UPDATE, 7:25 PM (Ruairi): It did not escape CNN’s notice that the youngest can­di­date, Pete Buttigieg, is stand­ing next to the old­est, Bernie Sanders.

He was asked about the impor­tance of age in pol­i­tics. He want­ed to focus on vision, not age; “you can be a great pres­i­dent, at any age.”

UPDATE, 7:26 PM (Andrew): Pete Buttigieg deliv­ered a pow­er­ful admo­ni­tion to any Repub­li­can mem­bers of Con­gress who may be watch­ing the debate about their com­plic­i­ty in enabling Don­ald Trump. One of his finest moments.

UPDATE, 7:27 PM (Ruairi): Sanders said that “Pete is right, it’s a ques­tion of vision.” He then led into a speech on his polit­i­cal pri­or­i­ties, describ­ing them as “a new vision.” Eliz­a­beth War­ren seemed keen to speak to the issue, but was unable to get in before the debate went to a break.

UPDATE, 7:28 PM (Andrew): Is CNN going to ask the can­di­dates about pay equi­ty, pay­check fair­ness, dis­crim­i­na­tion on the basis of gen­der iden­ti­ty, or fam­i­ly leave?

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