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Today is General Election Day 2018. Haven’t voted yet? It’s time to get that ballot in!

Today is General Election Day in Washington State and across the United States. Much is at stake. Thirty-six governorships, four hundred and thirty five seats in the U.S. House, and a third of the seats in the Senate are all on the line. And that’s just the federal level positions. Thousands of state legislative positions are also being voted on, along with thousands more local contests.

Oregon and Idaho are two of the states with gubernatorial races on the midterm ballot. Since Washington elects its entire nine-officer executive department in presidential years, the only statewide races in the Evergreen State this cycle are for U.S. Senate and Supreme Court. NPI’s research suggests Maria Cantwell is heavily favored to win reelection in the U.S. Senate, while our early Supreme Court polling found three out of four voters unsure of who they would vote for.

Have you voted yet? If you have, congratulations on fulfilling your civic duty. Now, go check up on your friends and family and make sure they’ve voted, too.

Haven’t voted yet? It’s time to get that ballot in! You’ve only got a few hours left before time runs out to participate. There’s no excuse for not voting.

You should have received your ballot in the mail a few weeks ago from the county you reside in. If you did not receive a ballot, or if you have misplaced your ballot, you should call your county auditor or elections office to obtain a provisional ballot.

Don’t forget to sign your ballot before putting it in a drop box or the mail. Washingtonians, locate the nearest drop box to you by going here.

If you live in Oregon, don’t take your ballot to a post office, as it’s too late to mail it. Find a drop box instead, and take your ballot there.

Not sure who to vote for? If you belong to or prefer a particular political party, you may want to consult their list of endorsements.

There’s also the Progressive Voters Guide maintained by Fuse Washington.

NPI has taken positions on the following statewide ballot measures in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho (we do not endorse candidates for office).


  • Initiative 940 (improve police accountability): YES
  • Initiative 1631 (put a price on pollution): YES
  • Initiative 1634 (Big Soda’s self-serving scheme): NO
  • Initiative 1639 (bolster our gun safety laws): YES
  • “Advisory Vote” #19: Vote MAINTAINED


  • Measure 102, referred by the Oregon Legislature: YES
  • Measure 103, spearheaded by Coca-Cola and Pespsi: NO
  • Measure 104, promoted by the Oregon Realtors: NO
  • Measure 105, an effort to repeal Oregon’s ban on police racial profiling: NO
  • Measure 106, an effort to restrict public investments in reproductive care: NO


  • Idaho Proposition 1 (expanding gambling): NO
  • Idaho Proposition 2 (expanding Medicaid): YES

Happy voting!

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