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Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Mona Das closes in on Joe Fain in 47th District; now trails by just ninety votes

Democratic challenger Mona Das is on the cusp of overtaking entrenched Republican State Senator and alleged rapist Joe Fain in Washington’s 47th Legislative District. Moments ago, King County Elections published updated returns, which show that Das is in an excellent position to overtake Fain later this week.

Last night, initial results showed Fain with a small lead of just two hundred and seventy-four votes. As of today, Fain’s lead has shrunk to just ninety votes.

Fain is one of the top Republicans in the Washington State Senate. A member of Mark Schoesler’s leadership team, he holds the post of Minority Floor Leader, and is thus a frequent fixture on TVW when the Legislature is in session.

Prior to his legislative service, Fain worked for King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer. It was during those years that Candace Faber alleges that Fain raped her. Fain has denied the allegation without even bothering to refute or discuss the substantial volume of information Faber has produced explaining what happened.

If Das can continue the positive momentum into tomorrow and Friday, then she could seize the lead and end the election as the victor in the race.

Das’ victory would be huge for Democrats because it would give them another pickup in the Washington State Senate. The 47th gained an all Democratic delegation twelve years ago in the 2006 midterms, but the Republicans wrested two of the seats back in the 2010 midterms four years later when Fain defeated Claudia Kauffman and Mark Hargrove defeated Geoff Simpson, leaving Pat Sullivan as the lone Democratic member of the district’s delegation.

Should Das win, she’ll send a man once considered to be a rising star into early retirement and bring much needed diversity to the statehouse in Olympia.

The daughter of immigrants, Das is a transplant to the Pacific Northwest who worked in the technology sector before starting MOXY Mortgage in 2004. MOXY is a business that works to educate and empower first time homebuyers.

Das briefly ran for Congress in the 8th Congressional District against Kim Schrier and several other Democrats before deciding to withdraw from the race.

She then opted to run for the Senate in the 47th against Fain.

The Democratic Party made the 47th a targeted district, devoting substantial resources and energy to South King County to boost Das, Schrier, and Mark Hargrove’s challenger Debra Entenman. Entenman is currently leading Hargrove by a fairly comfortable margin and improved her standing in today’s count, so she looks to be on her way to joining the House Democratic caucus in Olympia.

We’ll keep an eye on this race and let you know what happens next.

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