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Friday, November 9th, 2018

Joe Fain concedes to his Democratic challenger, Senator-elect Mona Das

A short time ago, after Democratic challenger Mona Das expanded her lead for the second straight day in the contest for State Senate for Washington’s 47th District, incumbent Republican Senator Joe Fain conceded the race. Fain shared the following statement with his supporters and the public.

Dear Friends,

I want to congratulate Senator-Elect Das on her new opportunity to serve South King County in the Washington State Senate. I look forward to supporting her during the transition in any way I can.

The past eight years have been the most professionally rewarding time in my life. I’m so grateful to my supporters, friends, constituents, and colleagues for giving me the opportunity to serve.

I especially thank my family, and most of all my wife, Steffanie. Public service is incredibly demanding on a family; few recognize the daily sacrifices that our loved ones must make.

During my time in office, I tried to be a bridge between parties and ideologies. Our modern political culture creates plenty of partisan warriors but far too few diplomats.

For our State and Country to thrive, we must start listening to one another with open minds and open hearts. We cannot fear what we see as different. We cannot vilify one another as a way of grasping for power. Only a free, open, and respectful society is capable of facing and overcoming the challenges before us.

While I will miss the endless challenges and rewards of legislative service, these election results widen the door to my family and two young boys who need and deserve a full-time dad who has been largely absent during the long winter months of the previous legislative sessions.

Elected service in America is not prestigious. We are all just everyday citizens who are called, for a time, to give what we can on behalf of our neighbors. That is the system I love and trust. Thank you for putting your trust in me these past two terms. I’m so proud of what we have accomplished together.

With gratitude,


On Election Night, Fain had a narrow lead over Das, which shrank to less than a hundred votes by Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday, Das overtook Fain and seized the lead. Today, she expanded her lead to more than five hundred votes.

The trend is clear: Mona Das will become the 47th District’s next state senator. Congratulations to her on a well-fought campaign.

Fain is one of the top Republicans in the Washington State Senate. A member of Mark Schoesler’s leadership team, he holds the post of Minority Floor Leader, and is thus a frequent fixture on TVW when the Legislature is in session.

Prior to his legislative service, Fain worked for Republican King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer. It was during those years that Candace Faber alleges that Fain raped her. Fain has denied the allegation without even bothering to refute or discuss the substantial volume of information Faber has produced explaining what happened. Not surprisingly, his concession statement this evening does not address or even refer to Faber’s allegation.

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