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Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

A NEW MAJORITY: Democrats capture control of the U.S. House of Representatives

The Democratic Party has won control of the United States House of Representatives and will be able to provide a much-needed check on Donald Trump’s power beginning in just a few weeks, NBC News is projecting.

Democrats were able to build a House majority by knocking out Republican incumbents in a wide swath of states, from Virginia to Pennsylvania to New York to New Jersey to Texas. NBC News made its projection before the deadline to return ballots in Washington, Oregon, and California, where Democrats are hoping to knock out even more Republican incumbents — especially in Southern California.

Because we still don’t have results in many jurisdictions, the size of the incoming majority isn’t clear, but the important thing is that control of the House has flipped, and Democrats will be able to put an end to the days of a Republican Congress continually doing Donald Trump’s bidding in the United States Capitol.

The Republicans will still have control of both chambers of Congress until early January — when Republicans will be forced to turn over their gavels to the Democrats — so there are a few weeks left for them to inflict further damage on the country by passing destructive legislation. However, Democrats do retain the ability in the Senate to filibuster legislation (at least for now), which could help foil Republican dreams of passing bad bills during the lame duck session.

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