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Monday, February 19th, 2018

Victory! Washington State House sends Breakfast After The Bell to Governor Inslee

One of the bills long stymied by the Senate Republicans in their graveyard of progress has finally left the Legislature and is now on its way to Governor Inslee.

2ESHB 1508, known to many as Breakfast After The Bell, has been given one last stamp of approval by the Washington State House following changes to the bill by the Senate. Now it is on its way to Governor Inslee for his signature.

Sponsored by Representative Monica Jurado Stonier, 2ESHB 1508 would direct high-needs schools in Washington to provide meals to students who aren’t getting enough to eat at home after the school day has begun.

“Nearly 300,000 kids in Washington state live in food–insecure homes and almost half of Washington’s 1.1 million public school students qualify for free and reduced price meals at school,” the House Democratic caucus noted in its press release celebrating passage of the legislation in the House of Representatives.

“Breakfast After The Bell offers nutritious meals to students without interrupting instructional time,” the release explains.

“Breakfast programs for low-income children are reimbursed in part or full by the federal government, and currently have low utilization rates. Breakfast After The Bell is expected to increase participation in those existing programs. By moving breakfast after the bell, instead of before, students will receive a healthy meal without having to stand in line and miss instructional opportunities.”

The roll call on final passage of 2ESHB 1508 was as follows:

Roll Call
2ESHB 1508
Student meals & nutrition
Final Passage as Amended by the Senate

Yeas: 87; Nays: 8; Excused: 3

Voting Yea: Representatives Appleton, Barkis, Bergquist, Blake, Buys, Caldier, Chandler, Chapman, Clibborn, Cody, Condotta, DeBolt, Doglio, Dolan, Eslick, Fey, Fitzgibbon, Frame, Goodman, Graves, Gregerson, Griffey, Haler, Hansen, Hargrove, Harmsworth, Harris, Hayes, Holy, Hudgins, Irwin, Jenkin, Jinkins, Johnson, Kagi, Kilduff, Kirby, Klippert, Kloba, Kretz, Kristiansen, Lovick, Lytton, MacEwen, Macri, Manweller, Maycumber, McBride, McCabe, Muri, Nealey, Ormsby, Ortiz-Self, Orwall, Pellicciotti, Peterson, Pettigrew, Pollet, Reeves, Riccelli, Robinson, Rodne, Ryu, Santos, Sawyer, Schmick, Sells, Senn, Slatter, Smith, Springer, Stambaugh, Stanford, Steele, Stokesbary, Stonier, Sullivan, Tarleton, Tharinger, Valdez, Van Werven, Volz, Walsh, Wilcox, Wylie, Young, Chopp

Voting Nay: Representatives Dent, Dye, Kraft, McCaslin, Orcutt, Shea, Taylor, Vick

Excused: Representatives McDonald, Morris, Pike

Sadly, eight House Republicans voted against the bill. Were it not for their opposition, the bill could have passed unanimously. But at least most of the House Republican caucus joined all of the Democrats in voting yes.

NPI thanks every legislator who voted in favor of passing Breakfast After The Bell. No child should be coming to school hungry and unready to learn. This bill will improve the well-being of many children, and its passage deserves to be celebrated.

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