Committee assignments for 2018
The Washington State Senate Democratic caucus' committee assignments for 2018

It’s a new day in Olympia. With the Novem­ber 2017 gen­er­al elec­tion soon to move into the his­to­ry books, the Wash­ing­ton State Sen­ate’s Demo­c­ra­t­ic cau­cus is prepar­ing to take over man­age­ment of the cham­ber from the Repub­li­cans, who are giv­ing up con­trol thanks to Man­ka Dhin­gra’s vic­to­ry in the 45th District.

Today, the soon-to-be major­i­ty cau­cus announced com­mit­tee assign­ments and incom­ing com­mit­tee chairs for 2018.

“We have a great, knowl­edge­able team ready to get to work for the peo­ple of this state,” Sen­ate Demo­c­ra­t­ic Leader Sharon Nel­son said in a statement.

“Our chairs and com­mit­tee mem­bers are pas­sion­ate about mov­ing Wash­ing­ton house­holds for­ward. They are also ded­i­cat­ed to good gov­ern­ment and are firm in their belief that the com­mit­tee process serves as a plat­form for peo­ple to inter­act and be heard by their rep­re­sen­ta­tives in Olympia.”

Here’s the com­plete list of incom­ing com­mit­tee chairs and vice chairs:

  • Agri­cul­ture, Water, Nat­ur­al Resources & Parks 
    • Sen. Kevin Van De Wege (chair)
    • Sen. John McCoy (vice chair)
  • Eco­nom­ic Devel­op­ment & Trade 
    • Sen. Mar­a­lyn Chase (Chair)
    • Sen. Dean Takko (vice chair)
  • Ear­ly Learn­ing & K12 Education 
    • Sen. Lisa Well­man (Chair)
    • Sen Chris­tine Rolfes (vice chair)
  • Ener­gy, Envi­ron­ment & Technology 
    • Sen. Reuven Car­lyle (chair)
    • Sen. Guy Palum­bo (vice chair)
  • Finan­cial Insti­tu­tions & Insurance 
    • Sen. Mark Mul­let (chair)
    • Sen. Bob Hasegawa (vice chair)
  • Health & Long Term Care 
    • Sen. Annette Cleve­land (chair)
    • Sen. Pat­ty Kud­er­er (vice chair)
  • High­er Edu­ca­tion & Work­force Development 
    • Sen. Kevin Ranker (chair)
    • Sen. Guy Palum­bo (vice chair)
  • Human Ser­vices & Corrections 
    • Sen. Jean­nie Darneille (chair)
    • Sen. Man­ka Dhin­gra (vice chair)
  • Labor & Commerce 
    • Sen. Karen Keis­er (chair)
    • Sen. Bob Hasegawa (vice chair)
  • Law & Justice 
    • Sen. Jamie Ped­er­sen (chair)
    • Sen. Man­ka Dhin­gra (vice chair)
  • Local Gov­ern­ment
    • Sen. Dean Takko (chair)
    • Sen. Guy Palum­bo (vice chair)
  • State Gov­ern­ment, Trib­al Rela­tions & Elections 
    • Sen. Sam Hunt (chair)
    • Sen. Pat­ty Kud­er­er (vice chair)
  • Trans­porta­tion
    • Sen. Steve Hobbs (chair)
    • Sen. Rebec­ca Sal­daña (vice chair)
  • Ways & Means 
    • Sen. Chris­tine Rolfes (chair)
    • Sen. David Frockt (vice chair /capital bud­get lead)

Each of the East­side’s four Demo­c­ra­t­ic sen­a­tors will be either a com­mit­tee chair or vice chair in 2018. Lisa Well­man of the 41st is head­ing up Ear­ly Learn­ing & K‑12 Edu­ca­tion, Mark Mul­let of the 5th is in charge of Finan­cial Insti­tu­tions & Insur­ance, Pat­ty Kud­er­er will be the vice chair of State Gov­ern­ment, Trib­al Rela­tions & Elec­tions plus Health & Long Term Care, and Man­ka Dhin­gra of the 45th will be vice chair of Law & Jus­tice plus Human Ser­vices & Corrections.

The 2018 lead­er­ship team is:

  • Major­i­ty Leader: Sharon Nelson
  • Deputy Major­i­ty Leader: Andy Billig
  • Cau­cus Chair: John McCoy
  • Vice Cau­cus Chair: Lisa Wellman
  • Floor Leader: Marko Liias
  • Assis­tant Floor Leader: Pat­ty Kuderer
  • Whip: Rebec­ca Saldaña
  • Assis­tant Whip: Mark Mullet

And here is the com­plete list of com­mit­tee assignments:

Committee assignments for 2018
The Wash­ing­ton State Sen­ate Demo­c­ra­t­ic cau­cus’ com­mit­tee assign­ments for 2018

Sen­a­tors from both par­ties are in Olympia this week for Com­mit­tee Days. The Sen­ate’s Com­mit­tee Days began today and run through Wednes­day; the House­’s Com­mit­tee Days begin Wednes­day and run through Friday.

Repub­li­cans are still in charge of the Sen­ate for a few more days. After Man­ka Dhin­gra is sworn in lat­er this month, they’ll no longer have control.

Most of the Repub­li­cans cur­rent­ly serv­ing as com­mit­tee chairs will like­ly become rank­ing mem­bers once the major­i­ty flips, but the cau­cus also has the option of reshuf­fling its own com­mit­tee assign­ments if it wishes.

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