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Cary Moon concedes Seattle mayoral race to Jenny Durkan after Wednesday’s ballot drop

Seattle mayoral hopeful Cary Moon ended her campaign this afternoon, acknowledging that she’s too far behind Jenny Durkan to catch up in late ballots. In a message to her supporters which she copied to the media, she congratulated Durkan and expressed gratitude to everyone who helped her.

Here is her statement in full:

I ran for Mayor because I felt an immense duty and responsibility to ensure Seattle — our beautiful, vibrant, diverse city — works for everyone.

While the election results will probably continue to tighten, the outcome is unlikely to be what we hoped. We should not let that discourage us. Despite being outspent 3:1, we ran a strong, transparent, and honest campaign about vision and solutions. We drove the conversation around housing affordability, real estate speculation, municipal broadband, and wealth inequality.

l have offered my congratulations to Jenny Durkan, Seattle’s first woman mayor in ninety years.

I urge her to boldly confront the challenges facing our city and to remember that Seattle’s prosperity should provide shared opportunity and success for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

To our supporters who may feel disappointed, I feel disappointed too. But I will not let the future of our city be sunk by status quo thinking and politics as usual. There is too much at stake.

That is why I ask you to join me in making sure the promises made during this campaign are actualized. We must ensure our homeless neighbors can move back inside, that people of all income levels have a place in our city, and that our elected leaders share power across race, gender, and class in our government.

Thank you for all you have done for this campaign. We all belong here, and deserve a voice in shaping our city’s future. I know you won’t stop fighting for what you believe is right, and I won’t stop fighting either.

Cary Moon

Moon has 39.13% of the vote as of today’s count, up from 38.89% yesterday.  47,633 votes have been counted in support of her candidacy.

Former United States Attorney and Mayor-elect Jenny Durkan has 72,617.

“I want to congratulate Cary Moon on the strong race that she’s run and the ideas she brought to the table,” said Durkan said in response to Moon’s statement.

“In nearly one hundred debates and forums, I saw firsthand her love for our city and her commitment to compassionately address the toughest challenges facing Seattle. I have no doubt that Cary will remain active in our city and continue to contribute to its vibrant future.”

“I am honored that the voters have given me this great opportunity, but with the honor comes a deep responsibility,” Durkan continued.

“The hard work of delivering progress starts today. Our city will – and must – come together around the solutions to address the urgent issues facing our city from homelessness to affordability to addressing systemic inequities.”

“Over the next few weeks, I look forward to working closely with Mayor Burgess and the City Council as well as city officials and workers to ensure a smooth transition.”

Because of Ed Murray’s resignation, Durkan will be taking over as Mayor of Seattle on November 28th instead of January 1st, 2018.

That means she will have less than half the amount of time an incoming mayor chosen by the voters would normally have to plan an inauguration and prepare to assume the duties of the office. The lopsided vote in her favor will make the transition easier, but a lot must still be accomplished in a short timeframe.