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Hill family, Bill Bryant lend their email lists to help Senate candidate Jinyoung Lee Englund

Republican Jinyoung Lee Englund, who is competing in the special state Senate election in Washington’s 45th District this year with the full backing of the Republican establishment, announced today that she has raised a total of $225,000 since launching her campaign a few weeks ago.

“I’m humbled and energized by the support of Washingtonians across our home state,” said Englund in a prepared statement sent to NPI. “This may only be a state senate seat, but it is an election that impacts all Washingtonians.”

Englund, who moved into the district about a week prior to announcing her candidacy, is a young Republican with an interesting resume that includes stints with the Bitcoin Foundation, CoinDesk, and Digital Currency Council.

Englund has had a lot of help with her fundraising. The Hill family gave Englund former Senator Andy Hill’s email list, which she has sent out multiple appeals to, and defeated Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant also sent out an end-of-the-month blast asking his supporters to give money to her campaign.

This was Bryant’s message:

It’s the end of the month, and that means you will often hear from people telling you about their favorite cause, or asking for money.

Yet, today I am asking for your attention.

When I was running for governor last year, I heard from people across our state who wanted government to care of our most vulnerable and spend taxpayer money wisely. If you agree with those values, then I ask you to support Jinyoung Lee Englund, today!

I have attached below an email that Jinyoung sent to supporters. It explains why her race matters. But the simple truth is this, if Jinyoung wins her race to succeed the late Senator Andy Hill in the 45th District, we will continue to have a State Senate that works for us.

If she does not win, we will have one-party control in Olympia – that will mean higher taxes, out-of-control spending, and less focus on fixing the problems we face.

Time is short. Jinyoung needs your help today. Washington needs her in the State Senate.

Please contribute today what you can – the individual maximum of $2,000, $500, or even $100.

It matters.

Republicans obviously have a vested interest in saving their fragile state Senate majority — if they lose it, they’ll no longer have the power to obstruct legislation that House Democrats and Governor Inslee support.

It is worth noting that during the past four years, with Republicans in charge of the Senate, taxes have gone up (at least to fund transportation projects — pavement-obsessed Republicans are willing to raise revenue for roads, but not schools) and there has been little focus on fixing problems. The Legislature has struggled just to reach agreement on how to spend the money the state is already raising.

Republicans like Bryant are essentially arguing that divided government is good for Washington State, but we’ve had that arrangement now for four years, and with the exception of the Connecting Washington package that Senate Republicans want to partly undo, it’s produced mostly gridlock and dysfunction. The Legislature is in contempt of court for failing to fund our public schools, but Republicans don’t care. They are more interested in undermining the Court than following its orders.

Should Republicans hold the 45th this year, it would result in the continuation of the status quo in Olympia. Senate Republicans and their financial backers would certainly like that. But is that what anybody else wants? Voters in the 45th District will be in the enviable position of being able to decide the trajectory of the entire state this summer and autumn, which is why huge sums of money will be raised and spent by both sides in an attempt to influence their decision.

Several other candidates have also filed to run for the Senate in the 45th; they include Republican Ken Smith, independent Parker Harris, and Democrats Ian Stratton and Manka Dhingra. The Democratic Party has coalesced around Dhingra, a senior deputy prosecutor who has the support of the 45th District Democrats, the King County Democrats, Governor Inslee, Patty Murray, and Suzan DelBene.

As of last month, Dhingra had raised $199,815.10 in contributions, and is due to report contributions for April in a few days, as is Englund.