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Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Guardian reporter assaulted by Republican Greg Gianforte on eve of special election

For­get Repub­li­can dirty tricks — how about out­right thuggery?

The Repub­li­can can­di­date for Montana’s con­gres­sion­al seat slammed a Guardian reporter to the floor on the eve of the state’s spe­cial elec­tion, break­ing his glass­es and shout­ing, “Get the hell out of here.”

Ben Jacobs, a Guardian polit­i­cal reporter, was ask­ing Greg Gian­forte, a tech mil­lion­aire run­ning for the seat vacat­ed by Ryan Zinke, about the Repub­li­can health­care plan when the can­di­date alleged­ly “body-slammed” the reporter.

“He took me to the ground,” Jacobs said by phone from the back of an ambu­lance. “I think he wailed on me once or twice … He got on me and I think he hit me … This is the strangest thing that has ever hap­pened to me in report­ing on politics.”

If that weren’t despi­ca­ble enough, Gian­forte’s cam­paign is now try­ing to blame Jacobs — the vic­tim of Gian­forte’s assault — for the crime.

A state­ment by cam­paign spokesman Shane Scan­lon blamed Jacobs for the alter­ca­tion, say­ing that he “entered the office with­out per­mis­sion, aggres­sive­ly shoved a recorder in Greg’s face, and began ask­ing bad­ger­ing questions”.

“Jacobs was asked to leave,” the state­ment reads. “After ask­ing Jacobs to low­er the recorder, Jacobs declined. Greg then attempt­ed to grab the phone that was pushed in his face. Jacobs grabbed Greg’s wrist, and spun away from Greg, push­ing them both to the ground.

“It’s unfor­tu­nate that this aggres­sive behav­ior from a lib­er­al jour­nal­ist cre­at­ed this scene at our cam­paign vol­un­teer BBQ.”

Unfor­tu­nate­ly for Gian­forte and Scan­lon, a Fox crew was in the room, wit­nessed the assault, and cor­rob­o­rates Ben Jacobs’ account of being body slammed.

Fox News reporter Ali­cia Acu­na, field pro­duc­er Faith Man­gan and pho­tog­ra­ph­er Kei­th Rai­ley wit­nessed the inci­dent, accord­ing to an account pub­lished by After Jacobs asked Gian­forte his ques­tion, Acu­na wrote, “Gian­forte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him.

“Faith, Kei­th and I watched in dis­be­lief as Gian­forte then began punch­ing the man, as he moved on top the reporter and began yelling some­thing to the effect of ‘I’m sick and tired of this!’ … To be clear, at no point did any of us who wit­nessed this assault see Jacobs show any form of phys­i­cal aggres­sion toward Gian­forte, who left the area after giv­ing state­ments to local sheriff’s deputies.”

Despite the fact that there is an audio record­ing of the assault along with eye­wit­ness accounts, Gian­forte has not yet been arrested.

From the Boze­man Dai­ly Chron­i­cle:

Gal­latin Coun­ty Sher­iff Bri­an Gootkin said wit­ness­es are still being inter­viewed, includ­ing Jacobs. Inves­ti­ga­tors have not yet for­mal­ly inter­viewed Gian­forte, though he spoke to deputies at the scene.

Gootkin added his office has retrieved the audio record­ing from Jacobs and has been in con­tact with Gal­latin Coun­ty Attor­ney Mar­ty Lam­bert. Gian­forte was not arrest­ed, and no charges were filed.

The sher­iff said charges were not filed at the scene because inves­ti­ga­tors did­n’t have enough infor­ma­tion at the time. He said the detec­tive divi­sion is treat­ing the case like any oth­er investigation.

The Chron­i­cle’s sto­ry does­n’t men­tion that Gootkin is a donor to Gian­forte. Per­haps that explains his reluc­tance to make an arrest. He can’t claim his deputies still don’t have the evi­dence need­ed to show that Gian­forte com­mit­ted a crime.

It should be not­ed that this isn’t the first time Gian­forte has demon­strat­ed a hos­til­i­ty to the mass media. From the clos­ing pas­sages of the Chron­i­cle’s report:

Accord­ing to the Raval­li Repub­lic, at a cam­paign event in Hamil­ton in April, a man in the audi­ence asked Gian­forte “how can we rein in the news media?” The man then looked at the Repub­lic reporter and “raised his hands as if he would like to wing his neck,” the news­pa­per report­ed. In response, Gian­forte said:

“It seems like there is more of us than there is of him. I don’t have a sim­ple solu­tion for you. I will say that doing town hall meet­ings and get­ting out and vis­it­ing with peo­ple is very important.”

Gian­forte hap­pens to be a mul­ti­mil­lion­aire with Russ­ian hold­ings — no won­der Don­ald Trump and his fam­i­ly are enam­ored with him.

Tomor­row is the dead­line to vote in Mon­tana’s spe­cial elec­tion to choose a suc­ces­sor to Ryan Zinke, who was tapped by Don­ald Trump to join his regime as Inte­ri­or Sec­re­tary. Mon­tana vot­ed over­whelm­ing­ly for Trump last Novem­ber, but it has a his­to­ry of elect­ing Demo­c­ra­t­ic gov­er­nors and U.S. Sen­a­tors despite sup­port­ing Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial nominees.

Democ­rats are field­ing Rob Quist, a charis­mat­ic musi­cian with deep Mon­tana roots who has been ham­mer­ing Gian­forte for his sup­port of Trumpcuts/Ryancuts.

Quist’s cam­paign has declined to make a state­ment regard­ing Gian­forte’s assault of Jacobs, pre­fer­ring to focus on mak­ing its clos­ing argu­ment to voters.

Two major news­pa­pers pulled their sup­port of Gian­forte fol­low­ing the assault.

Said The Mis­sou­lian:

“[T]there is no doubt that Gian­forte com­mit­ted an act of ter­ri­ble judg­ment that, if it doesn’t land him in jail, also shouldn’t land him in the U.S. House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives. He showed Wednes­day night that he lacks the expe­ri­ence, brains and abil­i­ties to effec­tive­ly rep­re­sent Mon­tana in any elect­ed office.”

Said The Bllings Gazette:

“We believe that you can­not love Amer­i­ca, love the Con­sti­tu­tion, talk about the impor­tance of a free press and then pum­mel a reporter. Beyond that, if Gian­forte did­n’t have the good and com­mon sense to sim­ply walk away from ques­tions he did­n’t like, we can­not believe he’s going to be able to make much more dif­fi­cult, com­plex deci­sions when he’s in Con­gress. In no way would we want our read­ers or our com­mu­ni­ty to believe we stood behind what appears to be an assault or an attack. We do not and we do not endorse Gianforte.”

Quist has been barn­storm­ing the state in recent days, with Bernie Sanders mak­ing appear­ances on behalf of his cam­paign in key cities.

Hun­dreds of thou­sands of bal­lots have already been cast in the elec­tion, but many vot­ers have yet to weigh in. Mon­tana has same-day vot­er reg­is­tra­tion, so any cit­i­zen not on the rolls can par­tic­i­pate by show­ing up at a polling place.

POSTSCRIPT: Gootk­in’s office now says that Gian­forte has been charged with mis­de­meanor assault. Good. Now take him into custody.

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  1. I guess that telling the truth is Lib­er­al bias.

    # by Mike Barer :: May 25th, 2017 at 6:38 AM
  2. I hope he los­es! This is ridiculous.

    # by Gretchen Sand :: May 25th, 2017 at 7:27 AM
  3. He won, although I may be a night­mare for him as reporters are going to try to ruf­fle his feathers.
    It’s sad, but to many in Mon­tana, like some folks in East­ern Wash­ing­ton, East­ern Ore­gon, and all of Ida­ho, anger­ing the mass media is con­sid­ered a badge of honor.

    # by Mike Barer :: May 26th, 2017 at 11:39 PM
  4. There is always more to these types of sto­ries than what gets print­ed. Hav­ing had first time expe­ri­ence with nation­al and local media and their rep­re­sen­ta­tives I am con­fi­dent that Mr. Gian­forte’s ver­sion of the event will nev­er be heard or under­stood. Regard­less of all of that he should remem­ber the old shibboleth,“Never get into a piss­ing match with a skunk” when it comes to the media. They buy ink by the barrels.

    # by Dick Kraske :: May 27th, 2017 at 11:40 AM
    • “Always” and “nev­er” can be dan­ger­ous words, Dick. Here, you’re wrong. Not every­thing comes down to he said/she said. Peo­ple lie — and Gian­forte’s “ver­sion” of what hap­pened (the ver­sion prop­a­gat­ed by his cam­paign’s spokesper­son) is a lie. 

      We know the facts of this case: A reporter for The Guardian showed up to ask a can­di­date for the U.S. House a ques­tion, and the can­di­date lost his tem­per and assault­ed the reporter, the sounds of which were cap­tured in an audio record­ing. The assault was wit­nessed by a Fox crew. The Fox crew can’t be accused of being hos­tile media… it almost goes with­out say­ing that Fox is in the tank for the Repub­li­can Par­ty; Fox is prac­ti­cal­ly an exten­sion of the Repub­li­can Nation­al Com­mit­tee and could be called “RNC Broadcasting”. 

      The local sher­iff — who him­self is a donor to Gian­forte — sub­se­quent­ly filed a mis­de­meanor assault charge against Gian­forte because his depart­men­t’s inves­ti­ga­tion con­clud­ed that Gian­forte broke the law when he assault­ed the reporter. 

      If Gian­forte had­n’t lost his tem­per, there would have been no assault and no sto­ry. Gian­forte has only him­self to blame for what happened.

      # by Andrew :: May 29th, 2017 at 12:20 PM
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