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Congratulations, Tanika Padhye, and welcome to the Redmond City Council

Yesterday evening, at its March 7th business meeting, the Redmond City Council selected Tanika Padhye to fill the vacancy created by the January resignation of NPI Advisory Council member Kim Allen, who stepped down due to having an increasingly travel-centric work schedule.

Padhye, forty-three, was previously a member of the city’s Planning Commission and has served more recently on the Parks and Trails Commission. She holds degrees in law from Northeastern University and psychology from Texas A&M.

In the mid-2000s, Padhye worked for the city of Seattle as a civil rights investigator and for K&L Gates as a staff attorney.

“I feel strongly about connecting with Redmond residents because it creates a healthier government that is a reflection of the people it represents,” said Padhye in a news release published by the city.

“I have complete confidence in Councilmember Padhye’s ability to serve the people of Redmond, and I look forward to working with her as a new Council colleague. Her years as a resident of Redmond and experiences as a Commissioner on the Planning and most recently the Parks and Trails Commissions have prepared her for this role,” said Council President Hank Margeson.

The Council selected Padhye from among three finalists. There were thirteen applicants for the position following Allen’s notice of resignation.

Padhye will serve through November at least, and longer if she runs for and wins a full four year term. The position she’s been appointed to is normally open in local election years that follow a presidential election year — like 2017.

Positions #2 and #6, currently held by Councilmembers Byron Shutz and John Stilin, will also be subject to election this year.

The City has yet to update its Council roster page with Padhye’s official contact information, biography, or portrait — and we hope that can be done no sooner than the close of business tomorrow.

Congratulations, Councilmember Padhye, and best wishes in your new role.