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Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Camp Wellstone returns to Seattle this May — don’t miss this premiere training opportunity!

Camp Wellstone — the signature training offered by the organizing geniuses at Wellstone Action — will be returning to Seattle for the twelfth consecutive year, Executive Director Edith Sargon tells us.

The 2017 camp has been scheduled for May 19th-21st, coinciding with the end of Filing Week here in Washington State. It will take place in Seattle at a venue to be announced. As in the past, there will be three main tracks:

  • Being a Candidate: How to Run and Win a Progressive Campaign
  • Electoral Campaigns: Tools and Tactics for Success
  • Citizen Activism: Grassroots Advocacy and Organizing

All the tracks are excellent – they’re just a bit different in what they cover. The first track is ideal for any activist planning to work on a campaign in the near future. The second is ideal for activists who are engaged in working on issues long-term. And the third is perfect for any progressive planning to run for office.

Here is a longer description of each:

Candidate Track: Are you currently running for public office or interested in running in the future?

We teach candidates the nuts and bolts of running—and winning—a progressive campaign. Topics of focus include: Message; budgeting and fundraising; writing and delivering a stump speech; fundraising; and canvassing.

Campaign Track: Are you managing, working on, or volunteering for an electoral campaign?

We teach campaign workers and staff the skills it takes to manage a successful progressive campaign. Topics of focus include: message development and delivery; earned and paid media; targeting; and direct voter contact.  

Grassroots Organizing Track: Are you organizing within your community, coalition, or nonprofit? Are you working on a ballot initiative?

We teach organizers the nuts and bolts of winning progressive change on community-based issues. We believe that the only way to build power is in partnership with others—not by ourselves. If you are connected to a group or organization that wants to make real change on a particular issue in your community, this is the right place for you.

Wellstone will also be experimenting with a fourth track this year, which is very exciting. It’s called Intro to Movement Technology. This track will only be available at two camps, and it looks like Seattle will be one of them. The synopsis:

In the era of hashtags, member databases, and email list-building, the possibilities are growing for organizations, both large and small, to use technology to boost the capacity of their campaign work and community organizing. This track introduces the fundamentals of data, digital organizing and analytics to support base-building and policy organizing campaigns. It does not require previous experience or skills in movement tech and is for anyone who wants to get started or expand their skillset.

Most of NPI’s staff and board have been to a Camp Wellstone, whether in Seattle or another city. Without a doubt, it is the best training opportunity a progressive activist can take advantage of. It is incredibly empowering and rewarding.

We simply can’t recommend it enough.

If you’re not already a Camp Wellstone alumni, you need to become one. Registration is not yet open for this camp, but we advise putting a “Save the Date” notice on your calendar so you can be ready to register when the time comes.

Registration costs $450, which is a fraction of the true cost of putting on camp. Scholarships are available at reduced prices for activists on limited incomes.

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One Comment

  1. Hello-
    I am the Chair of the Board of Directors for Indigenous Learning 360, a nonprofit advocating for improved education for Native American students in public schools. Currently, the Seattle Public Schools dropout rate for Native students is 64% with many of those students dropping out in middle school.
    I am interested in a scholarship for your May Camp Wellstone training.
    Could you please let me know how I might initiate this?

    # by Margit Moore :: March 2nd, 2017 at 4:49 PM