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Tim Eyman’s brutal 2016

Count Tim Eyman among those who will sure­ly be glad to see 2016 dis­ap­pear into the rearview mir­ror. The brash-talk­ing, brag­gado­cios ini­tia­tive prof­i­teer had arguably his worst year yet since estab­lish­ing his ini­tia­tive fac­to­ry around the turn of the cen­tu­ry. In this post, we’re going to look back at Eyman’s awful year with a blow-by-blow […]

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Banished Words for 2017

Every year since 1976, Michigan’s Lake Supe­ri­or State Uni­ver­si­ty has released a thought­ful and humor­ous “List of Words Ban­ished from the Queen’s Eng­lish for Mis­use, Overuse and Gen­er­al Use­less­ness”. Here is the 2017 (and forty-sec­ond annu­al) edi­tion, for your read­ing enjoy­ment on this New Year’s Eve: YOU, SIR — Hails from a more civ­i­lized era […]