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30th Legislative District celebrates Democratic swing

Tension was high at the joint election night party for state House of Representatives candidates Kristine Reeves and Mike Pellicciotti.

Democrats gathered as concerning presidential election results poured in prior to Washington poll closure. Just before 8 PM, 30th LD Democratic Chair Tim Burns rounded up the 60 or so volunteers and guests in a circle as the candidates gave thanks and congratulations to their teams regardless of the races’ outcomes.

The professional chemistry between Reeves and Pelliccioti was evident. They ran a largely joint campaign and will undoubtedly work well together in Olympia if results hold. Initial numbers show strong leads for both.

Former King County prosecutor Pellicciotti leads incumbent Republican Representative Linda Kochmar by 3,006 votes (55.5% to 44.7%) while state Department of Commerce employee Kristine Reeves leads first-year Republican Representative Teri Hickel by 1,251 votes (52.21% to 47.79%).

Despite lingering anxiety at the top of the ticket, South King County Democrats gathered were able to breathe a collective sigh of relief and take a brief moment to celebrate their months of tireless work turning this important swing district blue.

Work continues in the 30th with “ballot chasing” contested returns prior to certification of election results by December 8.