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Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Liveblogging the second presidential debate of 2016 from the great Pacific Northwest

Good evening, and wel­come to NPI’s live cov­er­age of the sec­ond pres­i­den­tial debate of 2016. NPI staff and board will be watch­ing and shar­ing impres­sions of the debate between Demo­c­ra­t­ic nom­i­nee Hillary Clin­ton and Repub­li­can nom­i­nee Don­ald Trump as it pro­gress­es. The debate, spon­sored by the Com­mis­sion on Pres­i­den­tial Debates, is being broad­cast on all major net­works as well as Face­book and Twitter.

We rec­om­mend C‑SPAN if you’re livestream­ing the debate as opposed to watch­ing it on a cable or broad­cast tele­vi­sion network.

Wash­ing­ton Uni­ver­si­ty in St. Louis, Mis­souri is host­ing the debate, which will be mod­er­at­ed by CNN’s Ander­son Coop­er and ABC’s Martha Raddatz.

The for­mat is as follows:

The sec­ond pres­i­den­tial debate will take the form of a town meet­ing, in which half of the ques­tions will be posed direct­ly by cit­i­zen par­tic­i­pants and the oth­er half will be posed by the mod­er­a­tor based on top­ics of broad pub­lic inter­est as reflect­ed in social media and oth­er sources. The can­di­dates will have two min­utes to respond and there will be an addi­tion­al minute for the mod­er­a­tor to facil­i­tate fur­ther dis­cus­sion. The town meet­ing par­tic­i­pants will be uncom­mit­ted vot­ers select­ed by the Gallup Organization.

Our live cov­er­age begins below.

UPDATE, 5:42 PM (Andrew): We are about twen­ty min­utes away from the sched­uled begin­ning of the debate.

UPDATE, 5:44 PM (Andrew): The town hall audi­ence is get­ting their instruc­tions from debate organizers.

UPDATE, 5:59 PM (Andrew): Pres­i­dent Clin­ton, Mela­nia Trump, and oth­er fam­i­ly mem­bers have entered the audi­to­ri­um where the debate is to take place and tak­en their seats.

UPDATE, 6:00 PM (Andrew): Mod­er­a­tors Ander­son Coop­er and Martha Rad­datz are also in place.

UPDATE, 6:04 PM (Andrew): The mod­er­a­tors are ready. The debate is about to begin.

UPDATE, 6:05 PM (Andrew): The can­di­dates have arrived. No handshake…

UPDATE, 6:06 PM (Andrew): First ques­tion goes to Clin­ton. It’s about whether the pre­vi­ous debate fea­tured appro­pri­ate con­tent for young audiences.

UPDATE, 6:08 PM (Andrew): Trump begins his two min­utes by declar­ing “I agree with every­thing she said”.

UPDATE, 6:08 PM (Andrew): Trump: “I guess I am a politician”.

UPDATE, 6:09 PM (Andrew): Trump not answer­ing the ques­tion at all. He’s just using the time to make an open­ing state­ment. And mak­ing an obvi­ous attempt to keep his voice down.

UPDATE, 6:10 PM (Andrew): Ander­son Coop­er wastes no time in ask­ing about the tapes.

UPDATE, 6:10 PM (Andrew): Trump again insists it was “lock­er room talk”. NO, IT WASN’T.

UPDATE, 6:11 PM (Andrew): Trump vac­il­lates between attempt­ing to excuse his con­duct and claim­ing he’ll take out ISIS.

UPDATE, 6:12 PM (Andrew): Trump: “No one has more respect for women than I do.” Laugher…

UPDATE, 6:14 PM (Andrew): Clinton’s turn to speak. “I think it’s clear to any­one” that the video “rep­re­sents exact­ly who he is”.

UPDATE, 6:14 PM (Andrew): Trump pulling a Pence and shak­ing his head as Clin­ton talks. But not inter­rupt­ing. Not yet.

UPDATE, 6:16 PM (Andrew): Trump: “It’s just words, folks”.

UPDATE, 6:16 PM (Andrew): So is the mic defec­tive again… ?

UPDATE, 6:17 PM (Andrew): Sniff. Sniff. Sniff…

UPDATE, 6:17 PM (Andrew): Words mat­ter, and Trump’s words hurt.

UPDATE, 6:18 PM (Andrew): Trump unloads on Bill Clin­ton while Hillary Clin­ton watch­es with a steely gaze.

UPDATE, 6:18 PM (Andrew): Sniff.

UPDATE, 6:20 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton quotes Michelle Oba­ma and the audi­ence cheers. Rules are made to be bro­ken, apparently.

UPDATE, 6:22 PM (Andrew): Trump is deter­mined to be as vicious as possible.

UPDATE, 6:22 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton smiles as Trump dri­ves into con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry territory.

UPDATE, 6:23 PM (Andrew): Trump just direct­ly threat­ened Hillary Clin­ton in front of like a hun­dred mil­lion peo­ple. If he wins, he’s com­ing after her.

UPDATE, 6:25 PM (Andrew): This debate has become a dump­ster fire.

UPDATE, 6:26 PM (Andrew): Trump just demon­strat­ed why we call him a neofascist.

UPDATE, 6:28 PM (Andrew): The audi­ence tonight is more than just the peo­ple Gallup chose to be part of the town hall, which part­ly accounts for the cheer­ing, boo­ing, etc.

UPDATE, 6:29 PM (Andrew): Trump is clear­ly very agitated.

UPDATE, 6:30 PM (Andrew): Nev­er seen any­thing like this before, ever.

UPDATE, 6:35 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton doing her very best to show her com­mand of pub­lic pol­i­cy as Ander­son Coop­er asks a fol­low-up ques­tion about the Patient Pro­tec­tion Act.

UPDATE, 6:35 PM (Andrew): Why is Don­ald Trump fol­low­ing Hillary Clin­ton around?

UPDATE, 6:36 PM (Andrew): “You’re going to have plans that are so good,” Trump boasts. Emp­ty talk, emp­ty talk, emp­ty talk, emp­ty talk.

UPDATE, 6:38 PM (Andrew): Trump is one of the biggest stok­ers of Islam­o­pho­bia there is.

UPDATE, 6:38 PM (Andrew): Long sniff there. Is Trump going to say tomor­row that he was giv­en a defec­tive micro­phone again?

UPDATE, 6:39 PM (Andrew): Don­ald has noth­ing but sound bites and vicious attacks to offer tonight — punc­tu­at­ed by sniffs.

UPDATE, 6:42 PM (Andrew): Martha Rad­datz demands Trump answer the question.

UPDATE, 6:46 PM (Andrew): Trump lies and lies and lies.

UPDATE, 6:47 PM (Andrew): “I’m going to force them right back into their coun­try,” Trump declares.

UPDATE, 6:47 PM (Andrew): Trump keeps bring­ing up Bernie Sanders. Seems irri­tat­ed that Sanders is doing so much cam­paign­ing for Clinton.

UPDATE, 6:48 PM (Andrew): What a ter­ri­ble question.

UPDATE, 6:50 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton uses Raddatz’s awful ques­tion as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to talk about Russia’s inter­fer­ence in the 2016 U.S. election.

UPDATE, 6:52 PM (Andrew): Trump going off on a tan­gent again.

UPDATE, 6:52 PM (Andrew): Trump asserts he pays “hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars in tax­es.” Show us!

UPDATE, 6:53 PM (Andrew): Next, a ques­tion from the audi­ence about fair taxes.

UPDATE, 6:55 PM (Andrew): How can Clin­ton be “rais­ing everyone’s tax­es mas­sive­ly” when she’s not in office?

UPDATE, 6:56 PM (Andrew): Won­der if Trump is strug­gling to con­trol him­self. When it’s not his turn to talk, he seems very rest­less instead of sit­ting and listening.

UPDATE, 6:57 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton doing well here, talk­ing about invest­ing in hard­work­ing fam­i­lies by requir­ing the wealthy to pay their fair share.

UPDATE, 6:58 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton knocked Trump by say­ing he lives in an alter­na­tive reality.

UPDATE, 7:00 PM (Andrew): Ander­son Coop­er again reminds Trump: She didn’t inter­rupt you.

UPDATE, 7:01 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton has shown incred­i­ble restraint and resolve so far in this debate. Very cool under fire.

UPDATE, 7:02 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton defend­ing her record as a Unit­ed States Sen­a­tor — and explain­ing a lit­tle about how our sys­tem of gov­ern­ment actu­al­ly works.

UPDATE, 7:03 PM (Andrew): Martha Rad­datz puts her foot down this time: We’re mov­ing on. Thank goodness.

UPDATE, 7:05 PM (Andrew): Clinton’s com­mu­ni­ca­tions shop is work­ing hard to keep a steady stream of fact check­ing emails com­ing as the debate progresses.

UPDATE, 7:06 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton inter­rupts for the first time to cor­rect Trump — and again, he’s irritated.

UPDATE, 7:07 PM (Andrew): Trump is speak­ing to his base tonight. He’s not drop­ping out of this race. He wants all of his peo­ple to turn out. Take note, progressives.

UPDATE, 7:10 PM (Andrew): Trump is hav­ing his own Alep­po moment. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talk­ing about.

UPDATE, 7:10 PM (Andrew): Trump no longer mak­ing much of an effort to keep his voice down.

UPDATE, 7:10 PM (Andrew): “How stu­pid is our coun­try?” Trump says. Martha Rad­datz interjects.

UPDATE, 7:11 PM (Andrew): “Tell me what your strat­e­gy is,” Rad­datz asks. Trump ignores her.

UPDATE, 7:12 PM (Andrew): Not much time left, and no ques­tions asked about afford­able col­lege, revers­ing the dam­age to the cli­mate, women’s health, LGBT rights, or many oth­er topics.

UPDATE, 7:14 PM (Andrew): Mod­er­a­tors keep hav­ing to defend them­selves because Trump keeps accus­ing them of unfairness.

UPDATE, 7:14 PM (Andrew): That wasn’t much of a question.

UPDATE, 7:16 PM (Andrew): Trump tries to weave some vari­a­tion of “Hillary Clin­ton lied” into each and every answer he gives.

UPDATE, 7:16 PM (Andrew): The guy who is all talk has some nerve com­plain­ing Hillary Clin­ton is all talk.

UPDATE, 7:17 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton is shin­ing here. Talk­ing about her his­to­ry of fight­ing for chil­dren and families.

UPDATE, 7:18 PM (Andrew): “Chil­dren lis­ten to what is being said,” Clin­ton notes, decry­ing the fear caused by the “Trump effect”.

UPDATE, 7:20 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton points out that Trump nev­er apol­o­gizes, nev­er owns his fail­ures (while she has admit­ted that she’s made mistakes).

UPDATE, 7:20 PM (Andrew): Don­ald Trump, you have no idea what’s in Hillary Clinton’s heart.

UPDATE, 7:22 PM (Andrew): Trump brings up Beng­hazi. How predictable.

UPDATE, 7:22 PM (Andrew): Trump on Twit­ter: “It’s a very effec­tive form of communication.”

UPDATE, 7:24 PM (Andrew): A ques­tion about the Supreme Court, and a good question.

UPDATE, 7:25 PM (Andrew): Good — Clin­ton says she wants to see Cit­i­zens Unit­ed reversed.

UPDATE, 7:26 PM (Andrew): “I want a Supreme Court that doesn’t always side with cor­po­rate inter­ests,” Clin­ton says.

UPDATE, 7:26 PM (Andrew):

UPDATE, 7:27 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton ham­mers the Repub­li­can Sen­ate for refus­ing to give Mer­rick Gar­land a vote.

UPDATE, 7:27 PM (Ren­nie): I was late tun­ing into the debate, but the first thing I noticed is that Trump must have stud­ied a bit this time – quot­ing pover­ty and unem­ploy­ment figures.

UPDATE, 7:27 PM (Andrew): Great answer by Hillary Clin­ton on the Supreme Court.

UPDATE, 7:28 PM (Andrew): Trump wants to know why Clin­ton isn’t “putting mon­ey into your own campaign”.

UPDATE, 7:30 PM (Andrew): Anoth­er false­hood from Don­ald Trump. The fos­sil fuels industry’s prob­lems are prin­ci­pal­ly of its own making.

UPDATE, 7:30 PM (Andrew): There is NO SUCH THING as “clean coal”. Just like there’s no such thing as a Don­ald Trump apology.

UPDATE, 7:31 PM (Ren­nie): Trump claims EPA is attack­ing our ener­gy com­pa­nies and claims that wind and solar aren’t enough. Then starts push­ing the “clean coal” myth.

UPDATE, 7:31 PM (Ren­nie): Trump wants the EPA to not do their job when it comes to reg­u­lat­ing energy.

UPDATE, 7:32 PM (Ren­nie): Clin­ton speaks about Chi­na dump­ing steel into our econ­o­my and Trump buy­ing for his buildings.

UPDATE, 7:33 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton stress­es that her ener­gy pol­i­cy would focus on revers­ing the dam­age to the climate.

UPDATE, 7:33 PM (Ren­nie): Clin­ton is push­ing nat­ur­al gas as a “stop gap” mea­sure on the way to get­ting more clean energy.

UPDATE, 7:34 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton deft­ly han­dled that question.

UPDATE, 7:35 PM (Ren­nie): Clin­ton claims to have a plan to revi­tal­ize “coal coun­try” – help peo­ple who work in the coal indus­try as coal prices drop.

UPDATE, 7:36 PM (Ren­nie): When asked on what each can­di­date respects in the oth­er can­di­date, Clin­ton says she respects Trump’s children.

UPDATE, 7:36 PM (Andrew): Trump says he respects that Clin­ton doesn’t give up. Well, he doesn’t have a choice but to respect that.

UPDATE, 7:36 PM (Ren­nie): Trump respects that Hillary does not quit and does not give up.

UPDATE, 7:37 PM (Ren­nie): The debate is ending.

UPDATE, 7:37 PM (Andrew): That con­cludes the dump­ster fire…. er, debate.

UPDATE, 7:37 PM (Andrew): Clin­ton and Trump shook hands at the end.

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