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LIVE from Tacoma: Preliminary Credentials Committee report delivered and adopted

We are now into our second hour here at the 2016 Washington State Democratic Convention in Tacoma; and we’ve just heard the preliminary report of the Credentials Committee, co-chaired by King County Committeeman Javier Valdez and Pierce County Chair Linda Isenson.

The report of the committee was as follows:

  • 445 Bernie Sanders delegates have signed in
  • 201 Clinton delegates have signed in
  • 146 Sanders alternates have signed in
    • All will be seated
  • 59 Clinton alternates have signed in
    • 51 of those will be seated

That means we have:

  • 591 Sanders delegates
  • 252 Clinton delegates
  • Total: 843 voting delegates present

Next we will hear the report of the Rules Committee.