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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Today is Election Day in Washington — time to vote NO on I-1366 and YES on I-1401

The big day is finally upon us! Today is Tuesday, November 3rd… Election Day, also known as the last day you can do your civic duty and vote. Tonight we’ll begin to have some idea of who will be governing cities, ports, schools, and counties across Washington State for the next few years (not to mention special districts).

Regardless of where you live in Washington, there are two statewide initiatives to vote on, plus five “advisory votes” that are better referred to as Tim Eyman’s push polls. Chances are, you probably have a number of local races on your ballot too.

If you have already returned your ballot, that’s great… thank you for participating and doing your civic duty! If you haven’t, please plan on taking your ballot to the post office or a drop box before tomorrow evening. King County Elections has a list of return locations on its website. So do these other counties:

If you need help voting on the ballot measures, visit NPI’s It provides an illustrated guide to what’s on the front side of your ballot.

We urge you to vote NO on Tim Eyman’s I-1366 and YES on Paul Allen’s I-1401.

The deadline to return ballots is eight o’clock tonight across the state. Make sure you get your ballot to a drop box before then.

If you’re planning on mailing your ballot from a United States Post Office, be aware that the last outgoing mail collection times may be sooner than this!

Your ballot must be postmarked by the last outgoing collection time tonight, or taken to a drop box by 8 PM. So long as you are in line to deposit your ballot in the box by 8 PM, it will count. In King County, drop boxes and drop vans can be found at most city halls. To find the closest drop box to you, simply sign in to MyVote from the Washington Secretary of State.

Turnout in Washington State currently stands at around 22%.

Here is a county-by-county breakdown:

11/3/2015 @ 11:15AM                 
TOTAL3,966,277  878,233 22.1%
ADAMS6,180 1,63926.5%
ASOTIN13,323 4,79736.0%
BENTON99,328 19,78319.9%
CHELAN40,567 13,43433.1%
CLALLAM47,374 9,31219.7%
CLARK251,348 60,32224.0%
COLUMBIA2,621 1,07741.1%
COWLITZ59,411 12,54821.1%
DOUGLAS19,595 5,37927.5%
FERRY4,567 1,57334.4%
FRANKLIN30,460 5,43317.8%
GARFIELD1,540 73547.7%
GRANT36,592 10,43028.5%
GRAYS HARBOR38,621 12,42632.2%
ISLAND50,338 15,30230.4%
JEFFERSON22,949 9,01639.3%
KING 1,193,711 231,97619.4%
KITSAP153,824 36,92024.0%
KITTITAS22,192 5,25423.7%
KLICKITAT13,307 3,28524.7%
LEWIS43,703 13,22230.3%
LINCOLN6,865 2,89442.2%
MASON35,711 10,89630.5%
OKANOGAN21,434 6,01428.1%
PACIFIC13,504 5,22138.7%
PEND OREILLE8,414 3,08436.7%
PIERCE449,340 80,91418.0%
SAN JUAN12,151 4,58437.7%
SKAGIT69,069 17,50825.3%
SKAMANIA7,094 2,05028.9%
SNOHOMISH421,389 60,32414.3%
SPOKANE285,258 84,17129.5%
STEVENS29,046 7,39925.5%
THURSTON163,893 38,68023.6%
WAHKIAKUM2,964 1,05635.6%
WALLA WALLA32,176 9,82130.5%
WHATCOM128,345 38,20329.8%
WHITMAN20,353 4,92724.2%
YAKIMA107,720 26,62424.7%
TOTAL3,966,277  878,233 22.1%

Tonight, we will be bringing you live results and and analysis through Pacific NW Portal, which celebrated its ten year anniversary last January.

At election time, the Portal offers a carefully curated results matrix that shows all the important contests and measures together. You don’t need to click fifty times to get results for different county, city, port, and school board races because we’ve put all the hot races on one page into a compact grid.

To make it easier to scan results and to prevent the grid from getting too text-heavy, we show an image of each candidate or ballot measure campaign.

If you’ve never looked at election results this way before, you’ll be pleased at how much you can see in one view!

We will begin our live elections coverage later on today, once the evening rolls around. Let us know if there are any races you’re interested in, or if you have an election related question you’d like NPI to try and answer.

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