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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Progressive councilmembers Shelley Kloba, Dave Asher cruising to reelection in Kirkland

Kirkland City Councilmembers Shelley Kloba and Dave Asher have each earned new four year terms on the Kirkland City Council, early results show.

In the race for Position #2, Kloba is winning big against Chinchilla, who apparently isn’t even a Kirkland resident. He voted in Walla Walla last November, and yet he still came out ahead of a real local in the Top Two election.

But that doesn’t matter now. Kloba has clobbered him. She has a whopping 63.07% of the vote, which is pretty commanding. Chincilla has 36.45%.

Shelley Kloba is one of the rising progressive stars of the Eastside. She campaigned with a ton of local and Democratic Party endorsements, and

Asher, meanwhile, is getting a two-thirds vote of confidence from Kirkland residents (66.75%). His opponent, perennial candidate Martin Morgan, didn’t wage much of a campaign, leaving Asher free to lend his support to Kloba’s campaign.

Tonight, they both have a lot to celebrate.

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