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Friday, November 6th, 2015

Lisa Herbold, Tammy Morales within striking distance of Shannon Braddock, Bruce Harrell

Late ballots are once again creating intrigue in Seattle City Council races, for the second cycle in a row. Although incumbent Bruce Harrell (running in District 2) was ahead by a comfortable margin on Election Night, he and District 1 candidate Shannon Braddock (longtime chief of staff to County Councilmember Joe McDermott) have seen their leads over their opponents shrink ever since.

Braddock’s lead over Lisa Herbold is now just one hundred and four votes, whereas Harrell is ahead of Tammy Morales by only three hundred and seventy-eight votes.

The District 1 race could conceivably flip for Herbold on Monday if the trend continues. Morales has a tougher hill to climb, but victory is not out of reach.

District 4 victor Rob Johnson, formerly of Transportation Choices Coalition, has also seen his margin of victory shrink, though not by as much. He leads paralegal Michael Maddux by eight hundred and forty-four votes. Maddux has conceded the race, figuring he’s too far behind to make up the gap.

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