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Daily Archives: May 9th, 2015

President Obama unwisely ratchets up feud with Senator Warren over fast-track, TPP

Excerpt: In a just-pub­lished inter­view with polit­i­cal colum­nist Matt Bai, who now writes for Yahoo, Pres­i­dent Barack Oba­ma has unwise­ly cho­sen to ratch­et up his feud with Sen­a­tor Eliz­a­beth War­ren of Mass­a­chu­setts over the Trans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship (TPP) and fast-track leg­is­la­tion that would require a final ver­sion of the TPP to receive an up or down vote […]
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
Categories:Legislative Advocacy, Policy Topics, World Commmunity
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