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LIVE from Detroit: Netroots Nation 2015 will be in Phoenix, Arizona next July 16th – 19th

Continuing a tradition begun last year in San Jose, Netroots Nation executive director Raven Brooks has chosen to reveal the location of next year’s convention on opening night so that early-bird ticket sales can begin while this year’s convention is still underway. Netroots Nation 2015 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, from July 16th – 19th, and immigration reform will be a major topic of discussion.

“We haven’t yet won on this legislatively and we haven’t yet won with the Obama administration,” noted Brooks. “We’re mindful that we’re about to launch into the 2016 presidential cycle and it’s time to step up as a movement on this issue.”

“We want everyone aspiring for office in 2016 — from the President to the Senate to Congress to local elected offices – to know that if you don’t support taking real action on immigration reform, then you won’t win our community’s support.”

Next year’s convention will be the fourth held west of the Rocky Mountains. Previous gatherings took place in Las Vegas (2006), Chicago (2007), Austin (2008), Pittsburgh (2009), Las Vegas (2010), Minneapolis (2011), Providence (2012), and San Jose (2013), prior to Detroit this year.

Interestingly, the convention has never been held in a city observing Mountain Time. Arizona falls within that zone, but the time there corresponds to the Pacific time zone in the summer, spring, and autumn because the state doesn’t bother with daylight savings time like most of the country.

The average high in Phoenix in July is one hundred and three degrees Fahrenheit, so it will be plenty hot outside, but the convention will, for the most part, be in an air-conditioned building. Netroots Nation organizers have not yet announced the host hotels or official venue, but presumably it’s the Phoenix Convention Center.